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TS – V – LTE; Evolved Universal Terrestrial Radio Access Protocol specification (3GPP TS version Release 11). Descriptor and Table of Contents (1 of 18) for 3GPP TS – Evolved Universal Terrestrial Radio Access (E-UTRA) – Radio V /06 p. Application No. Publication No. Country of registration. LTE Release 11;. LTE Release TS ;. TS ;. TS ;. TS

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Remarks 1 Creation date Author Remark. Measurement method, cell measurement method, apparatus, and communications node. Method of reporting measurement result in wireless communicattion system and apparatus for the same. Are you sure you want delete specification?

We haven’t even thought of this for most of the case, but we start worrying about size limitation of RRC message as UE Capability Information message gets almost exploded in terms of message length size.

History Action date Action Author.

The real explosion of the size came out with releasd support of Carrier Aggregation. As a result, I see much more issues related to ‘lack of capability’ or ‘mismatch between UE capability report and real implementation’. US USB2 en Sometimes UE information does not mention something ‘supported’ but seems to work. Minimizing measurements during carrier aggregation in a wireless communication system.


Network Improvements for Machine-Type Communications.

www.3gpp.org – /ftp/Specs/archive/36_series/36.331/

The process is very simple as shown below. Followings are some of the complete message example for UE Capability Information message. But I would suggest you to understand at least on how to interprete the contents of the highlighted items. Take this as a guideline but don’t trust too much. Latency reductions for LTE.

Architecture aspects of EHNB. Dual connectivity for LTE. In order to avoid this interruption, the application proposes modify the section 5. In order to avoid ambiguity, the application proposes different alternatives, which all have in common, that the measurement object, to which multiple frequencies are relwase, is modified. If the UE support full capability of Rel 13 and a lot of band combination.

Click to see all versions of this specification. Very high level view of UE Capability Information message structure is shown below. Further enhancements to H e NB mobility – Part 3. Provisioning of IP-based multimedia services. Followings are some of common items you’d better check.

3GPP TS (1 of 18) – E-UTRA RRC

Action date Action Author. Network request UE to send capability information. The current several hundred different combination is not with 3CC CA.


The Enquiry item is configured very simple. So I would split the message into a couple of categories as shown below and post separate pages for each of the categories.

Under change control Type: EP Kind code of ref document: One brutal solution would be to reserve super-large message buffer size and ensure that your ASN decoder works properly for such a super large tree structure. Specification withdrawal has failed. Why we need to worry about the size limitation of RRC message? Stage 2 for Multimedia Broadcast and Multicast Service.

What would be the solution for handling this kind of too over-sized message? Removed a Rel ASN. Carrier Aggregation for LTE.

I want to show how this message has expanded as LTE evolves in following table. It informs on all rellease details of its capabilities. As a result, interpreting the contents of the message has become pretty complicated.