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40k, Adeptus Astartes, Battlefleet Gothic, Black Flame, Black Library, the Black Library logo, BL Publishing, Blood Angels, Bloodquest, Blood Bowl, the Blood. Already up for Pre-orders, we have learned that Clan Raukaan, a Space Marine codex supplement will feature easier access to dreadnoughts. Clan Raukaan: Part 1 – The Lore (Warhammer 40, Codex .. I love the narrative/fluff of the 40k universe but have seen way too much.

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The Iron Hands gather for the Iron Father to preach to rraukaan. Again, they will often repair any damage they inflict on the practice servitor. Also, the codex kinda skimped on the fluff. Like all chapter tactics however the rule doesn’t effect vehicles and the Iron Hands no longer gain a benefit to fixing tanks either.

Clan Raukaan SP.png

During the meal, the Iron Hands repeatedly watch animations of their primarch coan in battle, fueling their rage. Unless we already did This needs some serious editing. I haven’t read the Heresy books for a while caln I am fairly certain that Ferrus Manus wanted to move the legion away from the heavy augmentation, and would have done so if not for his untimely death.

Like doing one analysis ever of a situation, and then providing precisely that many space marines, no matter what factors may change that demand more?

It was all done in raukaab a way that many in the council accused him of not doing it out of standard cold logic and pragmatism, but personal feelings and a hidden agenda. They fucked up the whole lore too.


The Clan Company assists in repairs to the Land-Behemoth which serves as the Clan’s mobile fortress-monastery. Submit a new text post. I mean does anyone have any explanation for this? And then the big reveal at the end is “Oh, the core tenant of our chapter is fucking stupid.

Maybe they made it bad so in the future they can sell a new version of it with slightly changed fluff. As far as I know, they don’t even have names.

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Knight of Infinite Resignation 11 April at Thank you for pointing out that error, i’m honestly not sure how I managed to do that. The Clan-Commander gathers the Iron Hands for a tactical sermon on potential enemies, pointing out the vulnerable weak flesh to fire bolters at. Submit a new link. A feast is prepared by the Chapter serfs.

Clan Raukaan Clan Banner.png

This was Meduson tech that Ferrus himself had forbidden and sealed away, including the means of “true mechanical resurrection”. To add self mutilation and cybernetic enhancement insult to injury, those who do remember them often get confused with the Iron Warriorsand these people are worse than heretics because at least a Heretic knows the difference between “corn” and “Khorne”, but the term Iron seems to confuse many.

Agreed, that’s exactly what I was going to recommend once i’ve finished with the rules section of this review. Bellarius 9 December at Anonymous 9 December at This is all part of an undoubtedly Freudian complex brought about by the loss of their primarch during the Drop Site Massacre on Isstvan V.


IIRC he bemoaned the stripping away of whatever humanity Space Marines have left in order to embrace the machine and wanted his legion to return to ‘normal’ at the end of the heresey. Clan Raukaan supplement actually put me off starting this army.

Should he die because he let his emotions get in the way of his common sense, that would cripple the Sons of Manus and who knows what crazy hole are there descending into!

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Clan Raukaan – Warhammer 40k – Lexicanum

Tears into reality were opening and Slaaneshi daemons were appearing en-masses and the Sapphire King himself appeared through a rift along with his Emperor’s Children retinue. How did they manage to fuck up “Robot-man hybrids are awesome for pages”? As an Iron Hands player for more than a decade, I will let GW know of my displeasure with them in the one way they will understand Despite the extreme levels of heresyeveryone kept a level head and remained civil. As an Iron Hand serves his Chapter he gets more and more augmented: Far too many reviews informing hobbyists were raukaa any degree of attention to the lore, and quite frankly travesties like this need to be brought up as much as well written pieces.

Anonymous 7 December at