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In this article we will discuss about the design of core and coreless induction furnace. An improved form of core type furnace is Ajax-Wyatt vertical core type . ea1 ring induction type. CONSTRUCTION. OF FURNACE. The vertical-ring ioduction furnace makes use of the pat- sented Ajax-Wyatt heating element. VERTICAL CORE TYPE INDUCTION FURNACE Also known as AJAX-WYATT FURNACE. Vertical crucible is used for the charge. Bottom is usually V-shaped or .

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Likewise, the transformer core 47 is protected by the refractory material, and may be artificially cooled if this be deemed necessary. From Figure 8 it will be clear that the primaryon-secondary pressure of the prior art form having the shell type transformer tends to cause circulation directly counter to the secondary circulation in that part of the tube-constituting almost all of the tube-which lies below the transformer medial line and tends to cause circulation above that medial line in the same wyaht as the secondary-on-secondary circulation.

Pinch effect does not assist circulation except where there is a change in cross section.

This is true even without considering the eddy currents produced within the channel as by ahax shown at 73 furance 74 and becomes more pronounced when the objectionable washing effect of the counter flow is considered. A further purpose is to concentrate flux at the bend of a submerged channel angle having the point of the angle directed away from an electric induction furnace pool. Figure 7b is a view corresponding to Figure 7, and illustrating another variation in channel cross section.

PubMed Articles by Adam, W.

Electric induction furnace – AJAX ELECTRIC FURNACE CORP

The current flowing through the charge is very high may be of the order of several thousand amperes. This furnace is very suitable for continuous operation and it can be operated on normal supply frequency i.

The results of the tests made upon my invention are remarkable and convince me of the commercial feasibility of the furnace of my invention; not only for alloys of lower melting point, including brass relatively high in zinc, such as red brass, copper, but also for iron and steel. In direct induction heating, the eddy currents are produced within the material itself that is to be heated.

The induction heating may be low frequency as in the case of core type induction furnace fugnace high frequency as the case with coreless induction furnaces. Ajax Wyatt Vertical Core Furnace is used for melting and refining of non-ferrous metal like brass, copper and zinc. This tendency is in direct opposition to the upward flow at the outside of the channel due to secondaryon-secondary repulsion indicated by the arrows 64, and would prevent upward flow were it not for the fact that the secondary-on-secondary stirring arrow 64 is more powerful than the primary – on – secondary downwardly stirring pressure arrow I have discovered that the difficulties present in the use of the shell-type construction across.


AJAX furnace – Wikipedia

It is by virtue of the V or the angle having its point directed away from the pool that secondary-on-secondary repulsion is so greatly accentuated. Figure 8 is a fufnace diagrammatic view of a prior art furnace. Figure 2 is a central vertical section of Figure 1, taken on the line Figure 5 is a side elevation of a inductioj different furnace embodying my invention. Without repeating, inductionn the description of the form of Figures 5 to 7b, inclusive, the parts already described in relation to Figures 1 to 4b, inclusive, it will be evident that the channel 38′ as seen in Figure 6 need not be of exactly the same contour as the channel 36 of Figure 2.

The edgepresented contour 59 of Figure 4a might also be used and somewhat less desirably the flat-presented contour 60 of Figure 4b could be employed. The “kicking” is due to vaporization of zinc, which breaks the electrical circuit through the submerged channel and causes momentary cessation of heating.

In spite of the fact that, bobbins with terminals has upgraded wyattt creation and effectively embeddings the p. S In a submerged channel having an angle whose point is directed away from the pool, a stirring tendency originates at the point 31 of meeting of furance branches, due to the action of the electric current in one branch of the channel upon the electric current in the other branch.

AJAX furnace

Therefore, Ajax Wyatt vertical core furnace is very suitable for continuous operation. This results in a tendency of the molten charge to flow in both directions in and out through the channel away from the ‘points 66 of high leakage field intensity. My invention relates particularly to submerged channel electric induction furnaces in which heat is developed by induction in a molten conductor, and the heat is conveyed, primarily by ,circulation of the molten conductor, to a pool of -molten charge, to which solid charge may be added for melting if desired.

It will be evident therefore that the damming effect of the opposition to upward current flow produced by primary-on-secondary stirring in Its entirety is a direct hindrance to secondary-onsecondary stirring. This is not wholly 6o true as the ultimate circulation in the lower part of the channel may be so nearly stagnated before the molten metal gets up to the medial line of the transformer that the chief effect of the primary-on-secondary pressure above the medial line will be to cause local circulation from this medial line up to the pool and back again.

Figure 1 is a top plan view of a furnace having a depending channel, made in accordance with my invention. In other words, the shell type transformer produces a magnetic dam which.

Due to the secondary-on-secondary stirring, there is a tendency to cause molten metal to flow upwardly from the point 39 along the outside of the channel in each branch toward the pool as indicated by the arrows 64, and to permit molten metal to flow by gravity down the inside of the channel from the pool as indicated by the arrows 66, to replace the upwardly flowing molten metal.


Since whatever flow there may be, whether strong or weak, merges with the flow produced by my invention herein, my invention is beneficial whatever the pinch flow. A further purpose is to reduce superheating in the submerged channel of an electric induction furnace. Your email address will not be published. Its efficiency is about 75 percent.

This tendency is referred to by me as secondary-on-secondary stirring, and is an effect of the repulsion of one conductor upon another. Figure 4b is a view generally similar to Figure 4, but with a different channel cross section.

The stirring action is due to the combined motor, pinch and joule effects. In addition to secondary-on-secondary stirring, there is primary-on-secondary stirring in an electric induction furnace of the type under discussion.

In an electric induction furnace, a crucible, walls forming a V-shaped single-conduit channel nearer to one side of the crucible pool than to the other side, communicating at its ends with the lower part of the crucible and having the point of the angle extending away from the crucible and a transformer having a rectangular core surrounding the bend of the V and having its sole excitation from a coil surrounding one leg of the core and inside the V. For example, in Figure 2a the angle 44′ of the V is an obtuse angle rather than an acute angle as shown in Figure 2, and any type of angle between an extremely obtuse angle and a very acute angle may be used, provided the angle point faces away from or is directed away from the pool, and does not reach or greater for reasons later explained.

The force indicated by the arrow 69 directly helps to move molten metal toward the pool, but the force represented by fjrnace arrow 68 tends to move molten metal toward the point 39 where the branches of the channel meet.

However I have discovered and will elsewhere claim that a channel having a circular contour 58 as shown in Figure 4 is of special advantage in all angle type submerged channel furnaces, whatever the form or position of the transformer.

For the reasons above, beneficial effect of primary-on-secondary pressure upon the molten metal above the medial transformer line is much less than the injurious effect of the counter pressure in that part of the channel below the medial line. As a general rule all bobbins are having through-opening terminals, yet just picked littler center. Search for related content. The melt is completed in about 1 fkrnace 2 hours for large sizes and in lesser time for smaller sizes.

My invention relates to the methods involved. Figure 4 is a fragmentary section of Figure 2 on the line