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The Oath of the Vayuputras has ratings and reviews. Mith said: I am sad. Mr. Tripathi what happened?After the first two books, I had. The journey of the young lad named Shiva through the vibrant country of Bharat and foresees the prophecy of the destruction of the great evil. The Secret of the Nagas, Amish Tripathi’s second book of the Shiva Trilogy, does that.’ – Herald, Goa The Oath of the Vayuputras Book 3 of the Shiva Trilogy.

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Its fair name has been tarnished forever; tarnished by the one sworn to protect it. Instead of the story being about Shiva and his ultimate, glorious triumph over evil, we were being told that, suddenly, the balance between “Good” and “Evil” had been destroyed and that Shiva must rise to the occasion quickly and remove “Evil” and restore “Good” All this was told over 50 or so pages with the words “Good” and “Evil” being thrown in my face about 20 times per page.

What was he doing in Panchavati all this while? It cannot be Emperor Daksha or Emperor Dilipa. And Meluhans do have the technology to change the course of rivers.

Raw fury gripped him. Like for instance the battle scenes, which are supposed to be between forces of huge size hundreds of thousands literally and the tripathii that the whole of India though the blurb and the book states that India is at war, actually its only the Northern vayuuptras, as the South is pretty much ignored as usual, more on that later is at war.

The Oath of the Vayuputras

She has many responsibilities in Panchavati. The Brangas are being poisoned by the Somras waste. The Vasudevs being even more secretive than the Nagas, Shiva did not expect to find any sign of habitation close to the river.


It could have easily been brought down to about pages. The third book of shivas triology. Tripaghi Vayuputras were supposed to be aiding the Mahadev but they never contacted him view spoiler [ Mithra just gave Shiva the Pasupatiastra. Sometimes, it’s in the form of books! All the characters were narrated with a great precision and the sub plots, though a fictitious work, were very close to the actual legend.

You have to be completely sure. Apparently, the council also sent scientists into the sparsely populated lands of Burma, which is to the east of Swadweep. Chandan Kowli, the photographer for the cover.

The icy river waters seemed to be working at keeping the toxins inactive. The good thing is, Amish has Shiva think like the readers and question the credibility of this whole shebang.

You fought the Vikarma system and freed yourself. And all the Vikarmas, including me, were set free because that was your karma. He escapes and persuades Bhrigu and Parvateshwar to attack Sati’s army trpiathi a thousand Meluhan troops, and defeat them.

They take revenge for Sati’s death by wiping out the whole clan of the Egyptian assassins. I hope I can give you a sense of completion with this concluding book. Or Shiva realized by seeing Gopal and Mithara you need not have any qualification to be the keeper of Mahadev’s tribe? yhe

03 The Oath Of The Vayuputras Amish Tripathi Evil Alive

The book is long. So the plague could have been caused by their bad practices and karma rather than the Somras. I want you to drive it forward. Though one thought kept reverberating in his mind. Archived from the original on 6 March The battle rages on and Shiva travels to the land of Pariha to consult with Vayuputras, a legendary tribe.

Remember, there is little sympathy for the Brangas amongst the Vayuputras because it is well known that they drink the blood of peacocks, a bird that is held holy by any follower of Lord Rudra.


I will finish this soon. There he meets the chief of Vayuputras, Mithra, who turns out to be his maternal uncle. The Arishtanemi brigadier and acting general of the Meluhan army had carried a homing pigeon with him to deliver the news of the lf battle to Daksha.

Everything else is only theory. With a polite Namaste towards her Emperor and Empress, Kanakhala turned to leave.

I have conducted many experiments to see if water from any other source can be used. Perhaps even the sins of the first man ever born!

Full text of “the-oath-of-the-vayuputras-amish-tripathi-bellatrix”

But here the mystery is shown in the very beginning and hence Amish has to bank on his narrative force which lets the novel down. Jun 16, It now ends its journey in an inland delta, south of Rajasthan. They had been tasked with determining the antecedents of the men who had attacked their convoy on the way to Panchavati. Some non-Naga parents choose to stay back and move to Panchavati for the sake of their children. In this third book of the Shiva Trilogy we find out if Shiva manages to fulfill his destiny.

I hope you find your God as well. They are not the smallest stable division of matter. The trees behind the clearing were organised unnaturally, given the dense, uncontrolled growth surrounding it.