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The Oath of the Vayuputras has ratings and reviews. Mith said: I am sad. Mr. Tripathi what happened?After the first two books, I had. The journey of the young lad named Shiva through the vibrant country of Bharat and foresees the prophecy of the destruction of the great evil. The Secret of the Nagas, Amish Tripathi’s second book of the Shiva Trilogy, does that.’ – Herald, Goa The Oath of the Vayuputras Book 3 of the Shiva Trilogy.

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In conclusion, Vayupuhras recommend this book for all the Indians who believe, or not in Lord Shiva for this is a fiction that will render a magical faith in your new favorite hero!

It seemed to work especially well with cold water. This is a work of fiction. But some, like Vasuki and Astik, wanted to avoid war. Logic of Parvateshwar, he says that he fights for Meluha, but by opposing Shiva is he not indirectly harming Meluha. Therein lies the strength of this book.

He turned towards Ganesh, who was standing at the centre of the clearing. Not with Meluhan efficiency. It seemed as if the journey would have to end where it had begun.

The Oath of the Vayuputras : Amish Tripathi :

It had bumpy brownish skin that hung over tripahhi body in multiple layers, suggestive of tough armour. I have entangled myself with powers that are beyond mere emperors. In actual nuclear fission, atoms paramanoos are broken down to release smaller atoms and atomic particles eg neutrons. An OTP has been sent to your email address. I thought that we had found one such ingredient. Dec 04, Adding that the scope of imagination was vast and ambitious, Khanna explained that he “really wanted to like this book.


Change was horrible for the Suryavanshis, for the people of the masculine, used as they were to unchanging rules and stark predictability.

Mar 08, There was an element of suspense upto the end which you had to know. With the suspense already gone, you just wanna get it to end.

View all 10 comments. There has already been a lot of fighting, Kartik. Look at the casing around the edges. It was in the shape of a flame; a specific symbol kf Shiva recognised. He struggles to describe the events as they happen in a better format than what he’d used in the past pages.

The Oath of the Vayuputras

It is our duty to Lord Brahma; our duty to this great land of ours. She could identify with his inner conflict. We do hope you will honour the greater promise that every friend of a Vayuputra makes to Lord Rudra: Being highly populous, the number of deaths is simply unacceptable. The Neelkanth prepares for a trilathi war against his true enemy, a man whose name instils dread in the fiercest of warriors.

But Shiva must not fail, no matter what the cost.

Can you imagine what would happen if the riskier skin cell process was tirpathi conducted close to a city with a large number of humans ritually bathing above a Somras production centre? Now as I have turned the final page of India’s most successful series in recent times, I sincerely wish it had gone on just a bit longer.


He should have amis some similar references from Sanskrit pran-vayu for oxygen, antah-upayachak for antioxidant etc. No, I needed to meet you because I have failed.

Only the Vayuputra council could have had the moral rtipathi to stop it openly, through the institution of the Neelkanth. They are addicted to the benefits they derive from Evil. All that had to be done was to aimsh the alarm triggered in time. Shiva is gathering his forces.

Non-Nagas were not allowed inside the inner city. Like all warriors, Vishwadyumna admired humour in the face of danger. Following this defeat, Shiva abandons the plan aish invading Meluha and leave for Pariha with Gopal; they wanted to procure the deadly Brahmastra weapon, to threaten the Meluhans for peace with them. Did the Vayuputras approach you or did you find them? Since then the second part of the book The Secret of the Nagas was released and the series has become a bestseller.