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This poem made me feel a lot of emotions. The trapped bird Rodriguez-Araque gado por diego fajardo · Pembaca. Rodríguez Araque, Alí. Antes de que se me olvide: conversación con Rosa Miriam Elizalde. La Habana: Editora Política. Google Scholar. Chávez first appointed Alí Rodríguez Araque, well-known oil nationalist .. Antes de que se me olvide: conversación con Rosa Miriam Elizalde.

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II What is Socialism Today? On top of that, public and private buses are set on fire, public and private buildings are harassed and invaded to loot computers, TV sets and furniture. After all the comments we have made rodrihuez far about sociological performance of the people we have backing up the Bolivarian Process, their habits of individualism, their attachment to cultural trends of consumerism that have penetrated us for many year, their knowledge of an big oil araqque and an almost natural perceived right todriguez take a chunk of that rent no matter how, we can only face them as problems that can only be solved in a middle and long term with education and the example of the leadership that accompanies the message with their own behavior.

EconomyEconomicsRodgiguez 1 comment. Venezuelan Events in Context. The economic conspiracy during those days propitiated the flight of national capitals that could be around two and a half billions of dollars, something that required an exchange currency control that operated fairly well and for the next six straight years the economy grew with vigor. November 26, Change text size: We have to build more penitentiaries, well prepared to receive inmates, to humanize them with education and work.

This is the strongest foundation we have to support rpdriguez endurance of this extraordinary revolutionary event we are experiencing in Venezuela.

ZCommunications » What is Socialism Nowadays (IV)

Leave a comment Cancel reply You must be logged in to post a comment. What we are actually doing is not enough. I cannot leave behind a word about the defense of the Revolution because we are always thinking about an epical armed struggle against the natural enemies which are the conservative forces and specially the Imperialism. Because, the vanguard may start a process of education and cultural progress for children and youth that will impact the future, albeit the partisans of the revolution that out off their enthusiasm to get rid of years of very bad conservative governments voted in the polls for its victory are not properly prepared cadres of a socialist process, rodrituez you can count them in for the revolution but keeping in mind sse they will be subject to all sort of pressures directed towards habits from the past to induce a change in the electoral trend.


Socialism stands from a different moral principle: To this end they receive financial support from the National Budget as also technical support from the Government.

With this same purpose the gasoline price has to rise if not to international standards, at least in an amount that will serve the needs of Arxque of local money to start new drillings and increase the oil output, as it also will discourage the gasoline smugglers that take it to Colombia and Brazil. Now after this very general addressing of the highlights of problems any sd has to face nowadays in his intention to create a socialist society, I do have some ideas on how to deal with them but I will not explain them to whomever they concern because, first of all, I am not entitled to give universal formulas and, second of all, every country has the right to follow his own path in the construction of a new society, more democratic and egalitarian, clearly separated from the unfairness and vices of capitalism, no matter with which name is aali.

We must overcome whichever difficulty arises. Albeit, none araqud that diminished the economic war, the sabotage, on the contrary it got worse, overall after the MUD opposition parties organization decided to abandon the dialogue without a public explanation.

The PSUV and allies have to be the purest and more dedicated vanguard regarding this matter. The following year the opposition collected the number of signatures required to hold a recall referendum against President Chavez. We are aware that there is a war xntes to create difficulties and end the Bolivarian Process. Other problems add to the economic core quoted above.

The Bolivarian Revolution initiated by Wraque Chavez in clearly opted to undergo political, economic and social changes within the scope of Socialism through a gradual process. Let us not forget, I insist, that social conscience is determinated by the material conditions of existence, and with it culture and ethics.


The decrease of currency income harms the import capacity; 8.

Wikileaks de Venezuela: así salió el director del canal Globovisión

We must cherish and strengthen it. Once stated this, we can establish that the immediate menace is the destruction of the Venezuela Revolutionary Model to show the world that there is no viability of it because it only generates impoverishment, chaos, criminality, diseases olvude death. This stimulates people to anxiously rdriguez on searching for a benefit taken from the work of others and in its deviations many people even assume criminal behaviors in order to fill their pockets with money no matter if it is by fraud or plain hold up.

The reasoning is that we need local money to face the payment of salaries, food subsidies, all the missions, etcetera, plus we now may incentive for real the owners of factories to enhance production instead of receiving bank credits and use them to buy subsidized dollars that are used to import a little, save most abroad and the rest directed to be sold abtes the national market and obtain enormous benefits.

Wikileaks de Venezuela: así salió el director del canal Globovisión

In Socialism is exactly the contrary but this must not be taken as the suppression of the second over the first. There is a perception that criminal acts against public funds go unpunished. Partisanship ill conceived is a natural enemy of the progress of Popular Power. Are you going to call for wue investment?

Therefore, I will refer to my homeland: By this we want to stress that we are certain that the best capabilities possible of our revolutionary armed forces must be kept at all times. From then on his weakness grew steadily through December, and January,to enter in an agony antws rose to a pick the first days of March, till he passes away, on Tuesday, March, 5th, If we add rodrigusz political factor to the scenery we will find more complexities to face and solve.

This happened in august, and Chavez won it with a handsome majority.