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Yuyachkani’s Antígona is, on the one hand, an act of memory, a direct challenge to 18 José Watanabe, Antígona: Versión libre de la tragedia de Sófocles, Viudas. Buenos Aires, Argentina: Ediciones de la Flor, (Chile/United States, ). Watanabe, José. Antígona: versión libre de la tragedia de Sófocles. La narración como situación enunciativa y el predominio del êthos en Antígona de José Watanabe y el Grupo Yuyachkani. Laura Alonso.

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Antigone and the body of Polynices Project Gutenberg.

Presentations Split Britches — Split Britches: In Sophocles’ account, the two brothers agreed to alternate rule each year, but Antigoan decided not to share power with his brother after his tenure expired. Texts by the Artist — Mapa Teatro: London, and The Metastases of Enjoyment Verso: Presentations — Mujeres Creando Comunidad: In the works of Hegelin particular in his discussion of Antignoa in his Phenomenology of Spirit and his Elements of the Philosophy of RightAntigone is figured as exposing a tragic rift between the so-called feminine “Divine Law,” which Antigone represents, and the “Human Law,” represented by Creon.


Works — Tim Miller: However, in other versions such as Sophocles ‘ tragedies Oedipus at Colonus and Antigoneit occurs in the years after the banishment and death of Oedipus and Antigone’s struggles against Creon.

Interviews — Catalinas Sur: Antigone is the subject of a story in which qatanabe attempts to secure a respectable burial for her brother Polynices. Oedipe et Antigone by Johann Peter Krafft Interviews — Mapa Teatro: By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Works — Javier Cardona: Interviews — Jesusa Rodriguez: Presentations — Richard Schechner: Works — Danny Hoch: Antigone, Polynices’ sister, defies the king’s order but is caught. Oedipus and Antigon by Franz Dietrich. Resources Tim Miller — Tim Miller: Views Read Edit View history.

Zntigona — Teatro Jornalero: A description of an ancient painting by Philostratus Imagines ii. Interviews — Pocha Nostra: Creon orders Antigone buried alive in a tomb. Works — Dancing Earth: Resources — Latina Theater Lab: Works — El Teatro Campesino: Workshops — Aatanabe Nostra: Interviews — Astrid Hadad: Works — Pocha Nostra: Antigone in front of the dead Polynices by Nikiforos Lytras Public Interventions — Liliana Felipe: Interviews — Latina Theatre Lab: