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Auxetic textiles comprise a class of extraordinary materials that increase in size when stretched and are being considered in many applications of technical. Read article about Article By L. Preethi & A. Sahana, Auxetic Textiles, Unique Materials That Exhibit Negative Poisson’s Ratio, Auxetic Textiles Possess High. This paper deals with Auxetic textiles that is been developed as a smart materials to meet the high demand in the fields of technical textile. These materials show.

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Designer auxetic viscoelastic sandwich column materials tailored to minimize creep buckling failure probabilities and prolong survival times. MedCrave Group Danforth Rd.

Auxetic warp knit textile structures. Alderson K et al. Auxetic foam as a core material for sandwich pamels. This is due to the fact that larger tricot courses lead to longer a 1 length of vertical rib values. A number of studies have revealed the potential of reentrant hexagonal geometries in order to induce the auxetic behavior.

akxetic Deformation behaviors of three-dimensional auxetic spacer fabrics. Firstly, the use of auxetic fibre or yarn to fabricate the auxetic woven as well as knitted fabrics. Schematic of geometrical model for the Structure.

Miller W et al. However, in the case of auxetic material, double curvature can be easily achieved [ 18 ]. The arrangement of laterally attached rods in a main chain of LCP is shown in Figure 2a. In another study produced auxetic poly propylene fibres by using thermal processing technique. Due to property of lateral expansion auxetic fabrics can be used as clothing for periods of growth such as maternity clothing and child development and possibilities for promoting clothing longevity due to adaptability in sizing,under garments and shape wear, like bra cups, under wears and leggings and sportswear where transverse shrinkage, due to stretch, might be problematic other applications may include such as performance costumes, interactive art installations and textiles as a therapy akxetic texture, aesthetic and interaction.


Nevertheless, other mechanical properties like, strength and very high modulus are essential in order to replace conventional fibres with auxetic fibres in these and other applications. To check for specimen slippage, the specimen was marked across at the front inner edge of each jaw. This yarn must be placed between the stitch wale in the knitting direction to insure that the fabric structure will retain necessary configuration after relaxation.

Auxetic textiles.

It is also important to consider that yarn type is the textilles important factor which influences the auxetic effect. Also, minimum of five or six guide bars are needed to produce such knit structure.

Nonlinear analysis of the poisson’s ratio of negative poisson’s ratio foams. Scarpa F, Tomlinson G. Journal of Aerospace Engineering.

Engineered Warp Knit Auxetic Fabrics | OMICS International

The wrap angle of 45 degrees was chosen. These fabrics were composed of virgin polyethylene terephthalate PET crimped staple fibre The carding direction and machine direction were the same for all samples. Meanwhile, the heat compressed samples are of a denser texitles as compared to the compressed only samples and the fibre columns are inclined at larger angles in heat-compressed fabrics, a greater auxetic response is therefore achieved for them.

The fibre is straight in its dry state with no tensile load. It is also important that under the action of the stitch yarn tension, the weft yarns cannot be kept totally straight at the initial state.


The effective diameter of the HAY at any given strain was determined by producing a negative binary image auxeticc help of Image J Line Width variable in conjunction with a calibrated pixel count. Auxetic fabrics will be invaluable for personal protective fabrications and flexible armors, adaptive and deployable structures, energy absorption components, viscoelastic damping materials, packaging, car headrests, and bumper systems, in aerospace and construction industry, in such applications as biomedical filtration materials, snap-like fasteners, climbing ropes and in upholstery.

Therefore, unit sizes with larger vertical rib can become broader during stretching.

Engineered Warp Knit Auxetic Fabrics

One possible solution to increase the retention ability of auxetic effect of auxetic warp knitted spacer fabric might be the use of yarns with high elastic recovery ability to knit face fabric layers. The auxetic effect was observed only in one principal direction in this development. It is noted that the auxetic properties depend on the interaction of vertical and horizontal ribs in the knitted structure. As far as weave structure is concerned no doubt all the fabrics have different weave structure and float length.

The produced filaments had a microstructure of interconnected surface-melted powder particles. All samples were strained using an Instron tensile testing machine. It is important to consider that the laterally attached rods should be sufficiently long, in order to increase the inter-chain distance and ultimately induce the auxetic behavior.

Thickness and basis weight: Figure 20 Sketch of geometrical structure.