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नीतिशतकम् (संस्कृत एवं हिन्दी अनुवाद) – The Niti Shatakam of Bhartrahari. Pages from the Language: Sanskrit Text with Hindi Translation. Size. Bhartṛhari is a Sanskrit writer to whom are normally ascribed two influential Sanskrit texts: scholarship. The name Bhartrihari is also sometimes associated with Bhartrihari traya Shataka, the legendary king of Ujjaini in the 1st century. Atha Nitishatakam – Sanskrit Shlokas + English Translation on Human Behaviour. by Bhartrihari. Book Description. Rupa CONDITION: NEW — BINDING.

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Atha Nitishatakam – Sanskrit Shlokas + English Translation on Human Behaviour

I approve not the evil behaviour of bad men, whose senses are led astray through the thirst for gold. Eest for a time!

I will bathe in the waters of Ganges: But he is mistaken if he imagines that the removal of the pain caused by hunger and thirst is a pleasure. A moth may fall into the flame of a candle through ignorance ; a fish may take a piece of meat fastened to a hook, not knowing what it is ; but we who know perfectly the many entanglements of fortune yet do not give up our desire. A memorial volume in honour of pandit Sukhlalji Sanghvi.

The passions or faults of the mind are six in number desire, wrath, covetousness, be- wilderment, pride, and envy. Be calm, my heart! By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Whatever has been appointed by fate in this life fo: The man who, placed in the world of action, does not walk piously, regarding his state hereafter, is as one who cooks the lees of sesame over a sandal-wood fire in a caldron of lapis-lazuli, or as one who ploughs with a golden share to cultivate swallow-wort, or as one who 16 NITI SATAKA.


Bhartrihari in this stanza appears to bring forward Mainaka as an example of want of firmness. Each century deals with a different rasa or aesthetic mood; on the whole his poetic work has been very highly regarded both within the tradition and by modern scholarship. Chamberlain’s volume is, so far as we are aware, the first attempt which has been made to interpret the literature of the Japanese to the Western world.

In the Bhattikavya, viii.

If he give his mind to poetry, what need has he of power? Truly very appreciated, Namaste.

We cannot doubt that for sill who may take it up the work must be one of profound interest. If thou thinkest to behold noble-minded men fall from their firmness in misfortune, cease from evil efforts involving idle speculations.

Love destroys even that which is already dead.

Bhartrihari Nitishatakam (Book, ) []

Vamana, the dwarf; 6. Send as free online greeting card. The poetry constitute short verses, collected into three centuries of about a hundred poems each. Vairagya Sataka, on religious austerity. Final emancipation death is approaching, but yet no thought is bestowed upon these things.

When shall I, lying at thy feet, enemy of love! Wonderful items and service!

Atha Nitishatakam – Sanskrit Shlokas + English Translation on Human Behaviour by Bhartrihari

The fable to which this sloka refers is as follows: He saw this nitishwtakam. A man who is famishing longs for a handful of grain ; but when he has revived, he looks on the whole earth as a mere handful of grass.


For a moment one is a child ; for a moment a youth full of love: The sansjrit must be observed between Samsdra vichhitti, ” the destruction of future births,” and Svarga, which is the paradise of the enjoyment of objects of sense. The author has manifestly devoted much labour to nitishqtakam task of studying the poetical literature of the Japanese, and rendering characteristic specimens into English verse.

When we pass our life at Benares, on the banks of the divine river, clothed bhartrihsri a single garment, and with our hands uplifted to our head, in supplication exclaim, ” Spouse of Gauri, Tripurahara, Sambhu, Trinayana, be pro- pitious to us! The section with which this sloka begins sets forth the characteristic marks of the wicked man. Let the wise man, therefore, who knows that all this world is vain, and whose mind truly perceives the evil of worldly attractions, direct his efforts towards indifference.

What more need I say on this matter? May I not be filled with the longing after pleasure!


Now, purifying myself with a vessel of leaves joined together, may I gain my livelihood by means of the barley grain which I have begged. Vairdgya SataJca, sloka Vide Mti ataka, bhartrihar 2. The result of good actions makes me afraid when I reflect on them ; for the great enjoyments gained after long continuance in the practice of great virtues hinder men from perfect liberation, since they are at- tracted to objects of sense.