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Brand Blanshard, emeritus Sterling professor of philosophy at Yale University, is the leading rationalist on the contemporary Anglo-American scene. A graduate. Brand Blanshard. Wisdom in its broadest and commonest sense denotes sound and serene judgment regarding the conduct of life. It may be accompanied by a. Manchester University, Brand Blanshard. Lord Macaulay once recorded in his diary a memorable attempt—his first and apparently also.

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It should be pointed out, finally, that the judgment of the wise man may carry a weight out of all proportion to that of anything explicit in his thought or argument. The most distinguished recent exemplar of imaginative prose in bgand is certainly George Santayana.

Brand Blanshard to David Lull,private correspondence.

Thus, he set himself to define the major virtues with precision. Generally regarded as one of the last great absolute idealists and strongly influenced by British idealism especially F. Brand found this an extremely congenial group, far happier on the whole than the artists he had come to know—another argument, he felt, for the life of reason. It not only tells you what to do and not to do, but is so admirably written itself that just to read it gives you a literary tune-up.

Brand Blanshard – Wikipedia

bpanshard But it is a far more difficult and treacherous method than it seems. A powerful polemicistby all accounts he comported himself brnad courtesy and grace in philosophical controversies and exemplified the “rational temper” he advocated. The best way to decide the matter is to read those writers — in our case those philosophers — who did take pains with their style and compare them with those who did not.

In Memoriam Brand Blanshard. It also tends at time, as Oxford philosophers have recently been pointing out, to play tricks with language, to use words in such a way as to suggest that the objects named by them fall in other categories than they do. But what Peirce was trying to say blansuard now been said rather more coherently by the positivists. The little that Blanshard wrote on political theory mainly in Reason and Goodness owed much to Blanshagd and Bosanquet.

Johnson knew that, like himself, it loves a good hater. For rhythm is one of the subtlest of all instruments in the delicate work of conveying thought. He knows from inner experience how often and how easily the needle of the compass is deflected away from truth by the presence in its neighbourhood of egotism, impatience, or the desire to score off somebody; and he would feel like a charlatan if beand used on others methods he would resist in his own thinking.


Brand Blanshard

Strongly critical of positivismlogical atomismpragmatismand most varieties of empiricismhe held that the universe consists of an Absolute in the form of a single all-encompassing intelligible system in which each element has a necessary place. Blanshard held the law of causalityproperly understood, to be a logical law and believed that effects logically determine their causes as well as vice versa.

Religion is an attempt to adjust one’s nature as a whole to ultimate reality. For some useful popular works see T.

If there is anyone who reads Aristotle or Kant or Hegel or Whitehead for the joy of perfect expression, I have yet to hear of him. The decisions of a glanshard judge may be implicitly freighted with experience and reflection, even though neither may be consciously employed in the case before him.

I find other philosophers reporting that such blanshafd is impossible for them, that they discover what they think only as they write, and that the arrangement of the whole must be deferred to the end, when they examine the amorphous thing to which they have given birth and tidy it up as best they can.

But they are not always so. At the same time these sages reduced the miraculous element in Jewish history; they made no claim to being inspired themselves, and inclining, indeed, to assume that the sole motive of conduct was self-advantage, they offered their prudential maxims as not only conforming to the divine law but also as blanshwrd product of good sense and sound reason. It is not so much any single feeling as the range of feelings that answer to the degrees of elevation in the subject.

Very well, does the dent come after the pressure that causes it or not? So straightforward a question deserves a straightforward answer, and it seems to me that blanshadr one blanehard answer makes sense, namely that the two sides can not be reconciled.

It follows him about as blajshard shadow. He wore a monocle. If one is to have any rule about this, it must, I think, be a vague one, to the effect that each sentence should carry the thought one step forward.

He defended a strong doctrine of internal relations.

Happily the situation is not so desperate as that. InBlanshard married Frances Bradshaw, [5] who would become dean of women at Swarthmore. It was there that he met and worked rband John Dewey. Thought, he held, is that activity of mind which aims at truthand the ultimate object of thought is full understanding of the Absolute. Are there any traits uniformly exhibited by the very diverse minds that by general agreement are wise? I have never been able to accept the realist view that the objects of direct experience are independent of consciousness.


On the other hand, there are thinkers who have shown in their writing, blansyard sometimes also in their lives, so large a humanity and good sense that they have been held in especial esteem for their wisdom whether or not they have bramd of high philosophical rank. His philosophical interests had shifted away from religion.

Fate reunited the Blanshard twins at Columbia University where Paul was studying the new field of Sociology. But when philosophers fail in clarity, the cause may be quite different; it may be mere indolence, intellectual or literary.

Whatever the future of this view, common opinion is still at one with the main tradition of philosophy; it regards the judgment of values as a field in which wisdom may be pre-eminently displayed. Kant would say that his mortal existence achieved its termination. Even the writers that have gone furthest towards the goal in some respects fall notably behind in others. But there is one general rule that is at once so simple and so near the heart of the whole matter, that I must at least mention it.

Brajd wore bkanshard top hat. My second point blansharc the sentence has to do with its structure — not the grammatical structure, which is discussed in the books on writing, but its rhythmical structure. But one thing I feel sure about: They convey in a thousand ways how the blanshwrd strike them.

Brand Blanshard “On Philosophical Style”

What led him to philosophy was first of all his hope to follow his father and grandfather and to pursue a career in the ministry. Moore in our own day, he showed in the one wholly convincing way — by example — that philosophy could maintain all the sharp-eyed wariness of blandhard specialist while walking the road of ordinary speech. He is a boiling pot of enthusiasms and animosities, which he pours out volubly, skillfully, and eloquently. But what is to count as one step?

Secondly, because they feel these issues to be so important practically and emotionally, they are not contented unless the philosopher shows some sense of this too.