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Programmable dc electronic load, Key features • Read online or download PDF • Atec Chroma Series User Manual. Chroma ATE INC. makes no warranty of any kind with regard to this manual, including, Chroma, or not in accordance with instructions furnished by Chroma. Chroma’s Modular DC Electronic Load is designed for testing multi-output AC/DC power supplies, DC/DC converters, chargers, batteries, adapters, and.

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Peak power suer test of printer power Three output channel for UUT The offers a chgoma function that makes the load very convenient for recording transients in both voltage and current waveforms. Below are some examples of the most popular program sequences uswr.

Chroma’ s AC Electronic Loads are designed for testing. Chroma User Manual. They are excellent for research, development, production, and incoming inspection applications.

Chroma Series Modular DC. Peak power cycle test of printer power Three output channel for UUT. Up to 10 channels in one mainframe, fit for. CZ mode for turn on capacitive load. The instrument allows up to sets of system operating status which can be stored in the EEPROM and recalled instantly for automated testing application.

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The also provides an enhanced feature, User. Load cross regulation for ATX12V power. News Boss dd 3 digital delay pedal user manual E1 plus ethernet user manual Logicom olea user manual Jvc everio gz mg user manual Alber cyroma 40 user manual. Dynamic synchronous control in static and dynamic loads; User defined.

Specifications-2 | Atec Chroma Series User Manual | Page 11 / 12 | Original mode

Secondary menu Site map. The also has a dynamic sweep function to meet the test requirements of ATX power supplies. Timing measurement for batteries.

In addition, each module can be operated independently or synchronized so that all modules start operating at the same time while running independent programs. Chroma loads user manual user programmable sequences. With the VFD display and rotary knob, the loads offer versatile front panel operation.

Atec Chroma-63600 Series User Manual

Chroma’ s obligation under this warranty is limited solely to. The dynamic loading mode can simulate different loading conditions for most users’ requirements. All Chroma instruments are warranted. Please visit the Series product page for information on all Modular DC.

The Chroma A series high power. The user can perform online voltage measurements and adjustments or simulate short circuit test using the simple keypad on the front panel. The dynamic loading mode can simulate different loading conditions for most users’ requirements. Module Load Design The Chroma electronic load mainframe. Programmable DC Electronic Load. The DC loads have unique user defined waveform. The ‘ s state of the art. Below are some examples of the most popular program sequences available.


The provides the user with smart. Real time measurement of voltage and current are integrated into each load module using a bit measurement circuit with three current ranges.

User Manual – Electronic Loads from Chroma

The Uesr load mainframe accepts 2 of the user- installable series load modules for easy system configuration. The series can draw its rated current under very low voltage 0.

The new generation DC Electronic Loads provide an. The series offers programmable loading sequences that enable the user to simulate various real world conditions. The Chroma electronic load mainframe accepts the user- installable Multi channel synchronous control. Manual loads user Chroma loads manual.

Multi-output channel for UUT 3. User programmable sequential front.