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IBM Cognos Connection User Guide IBM Cognos Transformer Developer Guide . and are not backward compatible with IBM Cognos Series 7 PowerPlay. Documents IBM Cognos Connection User Guide Description Using IBM . and are not backward compatible with IBM Cognos Series 7 PowerPlay products. User Guide – Cognos Transformer – Ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File IBM Cognos PowerPlay Version Migration and Administration Guide.

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Page Cube Group. Page TR A column was expected but not found.

The optimization methods include: Region vognos Product are shown. The following table lists the available Inclusion settings and provides a description of each.

When you create a custom view, you select security objects users, groups, and roles configured in your IBM Cognos namespaces, and then define a specific view of the data for those security objects using dimension filtering methods, such as apexing or cloaking.

Page query subject A named collection of query items that are closely functionally related. Setting Up Currency Conversion Measure property sheet.

Detailed explanations coynos provided in the subsections that follow. If you then attempt to recreate the cube, Cognos Transformer will not allow the operation because the cube may already contain some of the data from the most recent increment. Cognos Transformer is unable to locate a database type for an.

You may notice minor changes to some data formats when you open a report that was created using a previous version of your Cognos product. In this case, the object is a measure. Extra Query Items When you create a data source using a report that contains groupings, the report query sometimes shows extra query items.


Transformer User Guide

Adding Security Cognos Transformer supports simultaneous user authentication and logon using the full range of supported IBM Cobnos security providers. Structuring Your Data Into Dimensions, Autodesign It then automatically v creates a time dimension based on the date column If the dates are not in a predefined format, Cognos Transformer may prompt you to define the format.

Change a Data Source Type If you decide after you import a data source in Cognos Transformer that the data can be more effectively sourced from a different data source type, you can change the data source.

Page 68 imported packages 17 drill-through formats using in IBM Cognos BI changes to decimals using in IBM Cognos Series 7 defining for dates drill-through targets transforemr adding or removing date values in time dimensions The library path variable for each transformerr operating system is as follows.

You can quickly resynchronize your model columns after a data update if your model uses a single query based on a text data file, an IQD, or an IBM Cognos transformre or report. Omit Categories Using Suppress The values for the descendants of a suppressed category are rolled up and retained in the ancestor category. Creating The Time Dimension You are required to specify both the date source column and the Dimension name for your time dimension.

Transformer User Guide 10.2.1

For example, suppose that your company maintains branches throughout the world. PowerCubes provide secure and fast data access.


Procedure To resolve the problem, you can restore the model from a. Cubes are created by your administrator and added to PowerPlay Enterprise Server or your Cognos portal. You can select the language to use in the PowerPlay Web interface.

IBM Cognos User Manual

The first is a time-based control file. You can adjust or rename the levels to suit the organization of your data, using the Cognos Gjide category viewer diagram. Page – Example – Restarting a Failed Process fr Cognos Transformer default NA.

You are required to specify both the date source column and the Dimension name for your time dimension. More investigation should be done about excluding some data sources for measures at a time so that only limited and manageable amount of measures are processed at a time.

Tr, Tr, Tr This allows the consolidated records to be written to the cube as specified.


Reports you open xognos created by report authors using another PowerPlay client application. In the Associations box, click Add. Therefore, the Extract Size property has no effect on the query execution. When Cognos Transformer is installed on Windows Vista, if you do not run Cognos Transformer as an administrator and you make changes to the cogtr.

No space may appear between the -d option and its argument.