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Companies House Christmas and New Year opening times. Availability of our We register company information and make it available to the public. Companies 7 December ; Guidance Read our policy on Social media use. Find out . Information on the range of digital services we offer to help you search or file company File company information; WebFiling; PROtected Online Filing ( PROOF) Click here to visit our frequently asked questions about HTML5 video. .. in our Uniform Resource Identifiers (URI) Customer Guide (PDF, KB, 9 pages). For further details please email [email protected] or This guide answers many frequently asked questions and provides information on .. users of our Software Filing or WebFiling services which is payable when you file .

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All statutory correspondence will continue to be sent by letter to the company in accordance with the Companies Act The password must consist of between 8 to 32 alphanumeric characters and contain at least 2 numbers. You can find more detailed information about filing obligations and other subjects such as holding meetings, passing resolutions, share capital and mortgages in our online guides:.

What were you doing? All the information you supply on the Payment screen including credit and debit card numbers is encrypted. When a business or firm is terminated or bankrupt, its assets are sold and the proceeds pay creditors. These notifications must be carried within 14 days of the changes taking place To notify the Companies House within 30 days of any shares being issued To pay corporation tax To ensure that national insurance and PAYE payments are met To submit the employers’ annual return forms To hold annual shareholder meetings Deadlines The submission of national insurance and PAYE payments has different deadlines, depending on whether the company has agreed to pay annually or quarterly.

Our Personal information charter explains how we treat your personal information.

How to use Companies House electronic filing – Webfiling

To sign-in enter your email address and password. You must then activate the new email address to receive eReminders. When you have completed your Online Filing Services Account Application Formsend it to Companies House and allow 10 working days for your account to be set up.


This is the date your current year’s accounts will end on. What were you doing? Latest jnfoandguide Companies House. You will need to supply this information for corporate officers e.

Section ZF application to make protected usual residential address information of a Person with Significant Control PSC unavailable to credit reference agencies. You will also need to have a companoeshouse email address able to receive attachments; and Adobe Webfilinguseguide to view the Memorandum of Association and Incorporation Certificate attached to the email.

If you want to add details of different share classes to the same currency, you must select the ‘Add new share class to this currency’ button on the ‘Statement of Capital’ summary screen. You can request a reminder copy of your Authentication Code letter: If there are more than 5 officers select the link to view them all.

Balance sheet date is the date that Companies House expects your accounts to be made up to. You can watch our video on how to find company information with captions on YouTube 1m 13s.

All company names will be converted to capital letters and some symbols are not permitted in the name. If you have not previously appointed an officer to this company or LLPselect the appropriate appointment form link at the bottom of the ‘company officer’ or LLP members screen and complete the details. Applications received between 3pm and 5pm will processed the next working day at the London office, but any received after 5pm will be forwarded with all other mail to the Cardiff office for processing.

WebCHeck allows access to company information. A Welsh company is a company eligible to submit bilingual ‘c’ and ‘CYM’ form types, whose memorandum and Articles Of Association say that the registered office of the company is to be in Wales as opposed to in England and Wales.


The certificate will be authenticated by the registrar’s official seal. The company data product is a free monthly snapshot of basic company details for live companies on the public register. Under circumstances like liquidation or insolvency, directors may wish to resign from their position. You are only permitted to move records to the registered office if they have been previously kept at the SAIL address. The information contained in a statement of capital is easily accessible on the public record as one filing rather than, as under the previous legislation, searchers having to find various and in some cases numerous documents filed on a company record to establish the latest position.

For EEA companies, you are required to give details of the register where the company file is kept including the relevant stateplus the register central register, commercial register, company register as mentioned in Article 3 of the Directive.

An email will be immediately sent containing a link to a webpage, uj will allow you to enter a new password.

How to use Companies House electronic filing – Webfiling |

Then add the shareholders by clicking on the ‘Add additional shareholders’ link and provide the shareholders details. Typically, share types fall into the following categories: Incorporation services Set up a limited company and register for Corporation Tax is the quickest and easiest way to register your limited company with Companies House and HMRC you can also incorporate a company using Web Incorporations.

Any further confirmation statement made within the same payment year will be free of charge. Before choosing a company name use the WebCHeck to ensure the name is not the same as an existing registered company.

Only reminders for accounts and confirmation statements will be sent via email. The WebFiling service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. A corporate entity is when a company rather than an individual is appointed as an officer of a company or LLP.