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Diamond W product reviews by real people like you. Only at – is a Web site dedicated to ham radio (amateur radio). Find great deals for Diamond W 80m/40m/20m/15m/10m HF Long Wire Dipole Antenna. Shop with confidence on eBay!. Diamond Antenna W Wire Dipole Antennas arrive with the really hard work already done for you! All of the wire lugs and connectors are in place and the.

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Note that in the Diamond designs, the trap is not connected at the true end of each dipole element – due to the tuning tail. At the moment it is in use with a SB feeding it, no problems with power, only one of the traps shows a little brown coloring. Can I recommend it?

The details on the web page regarding extra bands and the other web page dealing with field day HF antennas and making up a trapped radial might help you. The external coil is covered by a hard black epoxy-like covering and if you damage the covering then the trap is likely to fail after being subjected to wet weather. Test equipment used an Antenna Analyzer. Just make sure that you allow a long enough PVC former to provide some “slot length”.

I had to completely remove the tuning stubs to get the resonants point where i want. The Diamond W is a HF Multi-band wire dipole using 6 traps plus two wire sections each side to cover the non-WARC bands from ’80’ to ’10’ metres hence the coding.

Mine is hanging only 4m high and I can work the world, contest with nice scores and have great fun. The vendor replaced it with a new one in a jiffy, so good service.

Contact the site with comments or questions. I want modernize the traps for working with 1. This happens on both ends of each trap so accounts for a considerable length.


The solution was to create an extra trap dipole for the 10, 18 and 24 MHz bands – surely that can’t be too hard I bought the Diamond W as my first HF antenna, intending to mount it in my attic.

In my booka good deal for the coilsquality wireinsulatorsa good 1kw balun and even some rope. It’s a mediocre antenna for 5 or more bands. However I made a giant mess of my mast’s ropes and ended up with an infuriating disaster so I tore it all down and bought a comet h and am happier.

Diamond W8010 80m/40m/20m/15m/10m HF Long Wire Dipole Antenna

Verticals; Wire; Loop Diamond W I have taken a quick copy of the translated page and put it on my web site to make it easier for those of us who do not read the Dutch language. Andrey, callsign deleted Russia, Belgorod. Want it or not it has some directionality and so it i sbetter in som edirections, although it has a wide angle coverage. This is diamodn update to my earlier review, in wich I described the dissatisfaction with the Diamond WD Andrey You cannot measure the inductance of the traps because the capacitance built into the construction will cause measurement errors – you ddiamond only measure the trap resonance frequency and you know what they will set up for be anyway.

I use these values to clone the antenna for friends. As I said, it is in my one-story attic, so it isn’t a DX hunter, but I’m on the air. You can still use the basic W construction and build up coaxial traps using suitably rated cable and place them at the same positions – however the lengths will probably need adjustment on any band lower than the replacement trap on any given wire.

In due course, I will plot the SWR curves for these new bands and add it to this article. For those who aren’t familiar with it, the Diamond BU balun is just a 50 ohm 1: Each band is tuned by trimming a “tail”. I used to sell these from my business and usually warned customers about using high power linears with them. Set w010 generator to maximum RF out and the voltmeter to max sensitivity on a Volts range, tune the generator frequency until you diamohd the voltage rise, locate the peak reducing sig gen output as necessary and the final frequency is the nominal trap resonant frequency.


My W is up in the air so I cannot just measure the traps. I use and cloned this dipole already for over 15 years, with great enthusiasm. If nothing else, it is a good technical exercise in antenna experimentation.

Diamond W – Com-Centre Communiction Equipment Limited

Let’s ignore that for now. After all it appeared that the balun supplied with the antenna, was defect. Here in Holland the houses have only a little garden mine is 15m viamond this antenna is ideal as you can bend the end and run 80 to 10 m without tuning from your city garden. At each trap, the wire is initially folded back 15 to 16cm – again this acounts for part of the tabulated element length. Together with a friend of my, PA2Gwe build this antenna and published the experiment in our league magazine, a summary of this you can find on http: What must happen is that the traps for each side be tuned to the same frequency!

Riamond is ok for radiation 50 to 60 degrees to each side of the maximum, so it siamond well degrees in my humble opinion. That gives a reasonable option to expand the turns during the “tuning phase”.