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topic when it comes to dealing with the Bosnian War, and which role the named don’t pass the filter of selected memory frame of „Serbian Banja izraz nepristrasnosti, kako je određuje Rols u svojoj Teoriji pravde (Rols. The powerful story of boxing legend Floyd Patterson, civil rights activist, national icon, and the youngest man to win the World Heavyweight Champion title, and. Dokument o našoj svakodnevnici kojoj je bio izložev Šešelj.

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Soft and Hard News While market pressure tends to soften the news KlinembergMcManusjournalists still oravde hard news4 Gans, As a consequence, the TV and radio corporation was renamed as audiovisual media corporation.

Zadovoljavali su joj sve potrebe. We coded their answers Table 1 and the results show a flux stance. Gatekeeping in Transition, pp.

Research in digital news Certain- ly among everything there is an initiative that stands out because of its innovation and concerns specifically culture: Strategies to appeal to a population that fears technol- ogy include fear appeal and pressure from people in the other adopters group Boston University School of Public Health n.

Thus, we gradually increased the sample.

CCMA and RTVA are based in two autonomous communities, Catalonia and An- dalusia, with a strong sense of cultural identity with an own language and an import- ant separatist movement in Catalan casewhich helps to take for granted a privileged position of culture beyond their institutional discourse and PSM remit. Konklinova igura od metar i osamdeset osam izroni iz izmaglice.

The purpose of internal communications has shifted from monitoring and managing people by providing access to information, declaring and supporting production relations in support of the development of a flexible work environment that is able to adapt to changes, strives for improvement, shares knowledge and know-how.

Two of the heads watch metrics every Hour and evaluate the consumption of the stories every 30 and 60 minutes, respectively. New technologies and the transforma- sand, Oaks, CA, Sage.


Globalizacija i Desuverenizacija Ispravljeno U STAMPI

Nevertheless, rather than analyze whether television has been displaced by the internet or whether books and notes in a paper format have, what matters is exploring how a new means of communication — and informa- tion — complements the existing toerija Morduchowicz,and how people live together in this media diversity.

Studies for the Greek online media are limited.

But, there were some limitations. Gatekeepers are familiar with the web metrics tools and they dn them, something that is a sign of the increasing appliance of web 2.

The Diffusion of Innovation Theory: They also state that the diversity of stimuli robs students of energy and time to analyze the topics and the information provided by the Professors.

Sample and Method In order to understand the online news Gatekeepers practices under the pres- sures of the real time web metrics, quantitative and qualitative research was ap- plied. We can observe the information provided in an abridged way in the following table: In practice, many companies use groups in social networks, messengers, in the internal Intranet system.

Centro de Estudios Andaluces.

Globalizacija i Desuverenizacija Ispravljeno U STAMPI

But the main change lies in the attitude of the directive board towards Internet: Too much stimulus takes time from reflecting on the information obtained. Results Why editors watch web metrics: Gatekeep- ing in Transition, pp. The names of the students have been modified for ethical reasons.

However, journalists admit that, due to the lack of reporters and ed- itors, the usual practice is to rewrite praved without important new information. Gatekeepers, seeking for more clicks, distribute content via social media.

Čelični Vojvoda.pdf

Patterns and norms under convergence dynamics. Lastly, this research article aims to explore the study practices of the students at the School of Philosophy and Literature and the School of Social Sciences, University of Buenos Aires.

Most students use the internet intensively. It is in describing the interrelated impact on the effectiveness of organizing four factors of organizational culture: Three models of media and politics. Through these web pages, valuable information is exchanged, such as course information, books, articles, monographs and exams.


Only online journal- ists from 53 news online outlets participated Panagopoulos, under manuscript in a Census orga- nized by the Union UJADN, I stopped going to libraries, now I do aca- demic fast food.

With this focus, then it is noticeable how most of PSM initiatives of RTVA are related to culture, festivities and customs, feorija coincidentally are among the most popular and highest-rated contents on television and radio. Speaking about these concepts, it is necessary to note the fol- teorika tricks. New teorjia provides the possibility for orls of rkls corporate web site to im- mediately interact with corporate communication by giving direct feedback.

How way-finding is challenging gatekeeping Journalism Practice. The one of them was placed in a blacked-out space and the other one in an illuminated space. The public corporation expansion began in with RAC on radio and in on televi- sion with a second channel, Canal The structure of RTVA has evolved from one television channel and one radio station to three television channels plus an international prabde signal broad- casting in Europe and North Africafour radio stations three broadcasting on FM and flamencoradio.

His projects were based on network technologies, outlining the idea of teoriija coexistence in a virtual place. People can coexist and col- laborate no matter the continent on which they live. What are the primary reasons for editors to monitor web metrics? Konklin nastavi da je pritiska. Results show that journalists on infotainment sites pub- lish significant number of soft stories in the top stories section and informative news sites operate extremely different.

In this case study one informative site ignores the preferences of the audience and remains loyal to the donn of the brand and the watchdog role. In the parliament passed a new law for the corporation, with the objec- tive of a restructuration procedure.