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Eliminating an item with a negative corrected item-total correlation and two more Lonetto and Templer [4] defined death anxiety as an individual’s . una muestra de estudiantes a tres escalas de ansiedad ante la muerte y. Concurrent and divergent validity of the Spanish form of Templer’s Death Escala de Ansiedad ante la Muerte (Death Anxiety Scale: DAS). de Templer [6]. PDF | On Jan 1, , JoaquĆ­n T. Limonero and others published Ansiedad ante la muerte. [Death anxiety].

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Regarding “death of others” and “dying of others”, however, the main load is found for factor 1 3. Templers death anxiety scale. Actitud del profesional de enfermeria ante la muerte de los pacientes.

Validation of Collett-Lester’s Fear of Death Scale in a sample of nursing students

Fear; Death; Scales; Reliability; Validity. The highest score corresponds to the most unfavorable attitude towards death Fear of death cannot be directly observed, which is why it should be inferred based on a subject’s conduct or self-reported answers.

It excala considered that the reagents optimally measured between 0. Another factor analysis, however, involving psychology students, obtained five factors, with a structure very near the theoretical proposal.

Kolawole M, Olusegun A. Various authors have tried to replicate its factor structure using PCA and varimax rotation, finding different results. The highest mean scores indicate greater fear of death or the dying process The Attitude Toward Death Ansledad ATD measures the favorable or unfavorable attitude towards death, designed with 43 Likert-type items ranging from 1 to 5.


Also, in the five factors, the alpha coefficient decreased if the item was eliminated. Anet study identified five factors with a reliable structure, like the original scale. In Chile, some instrument have been used, but these do not display adequate reliability and do not measure the death phenomenon as a state and, in turn, as a process, in a multidimensional way Anxiety; Death; elderly adults; undergraduate students.

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The Fear of Death Scale possesses good internal consistency and construct validity, confirmed by the significant correlation with the Attitude toward death Scale. The reliability coefficients continue without significant variations when eliminating these elements though, which is why none of the elements can be eliminated to strengthen the scale.

Dying of self, shows correlations higher than 0. Services on Demand Article. Their disadvantage is that they do not permit the identification and distinction of specific elements involved in fears of death. Juerte 3 Death of others displays a low correlation of 0. Although countless instruments have been used to measure attitudes excala death, most of them are one-dimensional.

Discriminant validity was documented. Going back to Table 2for the four sub-scales, each of the seven elements is anseidad correlated inside the respective sub-scale. A total of subjects were interviewed, of whom were elderly adults 97 women, average age Content validity was checked by expert review; reliability was proven using Cronbach’s alpha; statistical analysis of the items, correlation between items and construct validity were checked by the correlation of the Scale with the Attitude toward death Scale.

The results muertf towards a reconceptualization, which considers fear of one’s own death and fear of one’s own dying process as one physical and another psychological dimension. Mohamed Ali W, Said N.



The magnitude of the relation reflects that it measures similar constructs. The templeer of Templer’s Death Anxiety Scale presented would seem to have adequate psychometric properties for its use with elderly Mexican adults. Mac Graw Hill; All the contents of this journal, except where otherwise noted, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution License.

Likewise, the positive correlations between the Fear of Death and the Attitudes toward Death Scales support the construct validity in this study.

The other two factors partially load the sub-scales Moreover, the average inter-element correlation demonstrates a positive relation in each of the sub-scales. The reliability and item-element total correlation analysis of these five factors shows that the total-item correlations exceeded 0. Spanish pdf Article in xml format Article references How to cite muuerte article Automatic translation Send this ajte by e-mail.

What the students dscala less is their own death. The author justifies the range of results found regarding factor structure in this final investigation, due to the correlation that exists among the sub-scales, which in turn would give rise to an inter-element correlation that would create a bystander factor of factor loads Inthose items in each sub-scale that did not contribute to the significance of Cronbach’s alpha were eliminted, resulting in a final item version 3.