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View and Download Euphonix MC control user manual online. MC control Music Mixer pdf manual download. Avid Support, Euphonix Support, Euphonix Pro, Euphonix Artist Series. Pro Tools Control Guide, Pro Tools Control , mb, 19th Mar, Guide Part Number REV A 05/11 . The Artist Control, Artist Mix, and Artist Transport comprise the Artist Series MC Pro and System 5-MC.

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Euphonix 5-MC Installation Manual 40 pages.

Releasing the footswitch does nothing. No part of this publication may be reproduced, transmitted, transcribed, stored in a retrieval system, or translated into any language in any form by any means without written permission from Euphonix, Inc.

Many EuCon applications control far more functions with the Jog Wheel, such as trimming clip head and tail, setting clip gain, making cross fades, etc.

The Soft Keys dialog opens. Media application controller multiple workstation 29 pages. Be sure to eject the installation CD in your Mac if you mf the latest software from the web. By default, tracks are automatically assigned in banks of four.

A device shown in light gray is already connected either to your own or another instance of EuCon- trol running on a different workstation. Figure General tab 6. Introduction to the Artist Media Controller Some appli- cations require clicking on the control while others allow the cursor to hover over it. This section shows mahual to create a new Soft Key using the Record command as an example. It can then be recalled at a later time.


The configu- ration page for the Inserts knob set, for mamual, is used to assign plug-ins to a track. Adjust its value by turning any of the eight knobs or the Jog Wheel. Setup and Installation, you are ready to start learning about your MC Control. It is important to note that there are two steps: There are four on each side of the Touchscreen.

The last track selected is attentioned. The SEL key lights yellow when the track is selected and is unlit otherwise. If strips 1—4 had the bank starting at track 5, they now have the bank starting with track 1.

Introduction to the Artist Me You may need to select a different or new page to find a blank key. EuCon is a high- speed communication protocol and enables control of virtually every applica- tion feature. Changes are retained even without clicking Save until you quit EuControl. Not all applications support track number display.

Euphonix MC Control User Manual

Page of 76 Go. The configuration page for the Aux knob set assigns aux sends to a track. Find a blank Soft Key and ehphonix it. Choose the option that best suits your application. Ethernet cable Figure Ethernet cable and rear panel jack 7. You must conntrol use EuControl to create a list of workstations that this key switches between see Workstations on page Pressing again does nothing because the first bank is already shown.


Euphonix MC Control User Manual | 60 pages

To print the manual completely, please, download it. When on, a small green LED lights on the lower left.

Spin the Jog Wheel clockwise and counterclockwise to move forward and backward, respectively, on the timeline. Don’t have an account? The Jog Wheel Command Editor dialog opens. Use moderate force to snap them into the bottom panel as shown in Figure This connects this Artist media controller to your instance of EuControl. Page 74 Page 75 – Appendix A: Setup And Installation EuControl: Double-click the Jog label. Click in the Assigned To column to pop up a menu with the following options: Comments to this Manuals Your Name.

Touch the first box of the IP Address field. Figure Removing screws from the bottom panel 2. Pressing one of these Knob Euphonnix displays the first eight plug-in parameters for editing. Press the JOG key.

Common Tasks If you completed the steps in Chapter 2: