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Evagrius Scholasticus, Ecclesiastical History (AD), translated by E. Walford (). Book 4. THE FOURTH BOOK. CHAPTER I. ACCESSION OF JUSTIN. The Ecclesiastical History of Evagrius narrates the history of the church from the start of the Nestorian controversy in until the death of Evagrius’ employer. Evagrius Scholasticus: Christianity: Historical and polemical writing: to was chronicled by Evagrius Scholasticus. The consequences of Chalcedon as.

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On this occasion, Procopius says that Gelimer, prostrating himself on the ground in the hippodrome, before the imperial throne on which Justinian was sitting to witness the proceedings, made application, in his own language, of the divine oracle: This calamity has scholasyicus, as I have already said, to the evagrrius time, for two and fifty years, exceeding all that have preceded it. Some, however, say that the elder Theodosius extended the wall. Controversy exists as to the date on which Evagrius was born, since historian G.

When informed of the circumstance, he uttered a piercing cry, tore his hair and cast it towards heaven. But he shares the ideas of his environment and of his time.

The Ecclesiastical History of Evagrius Scholasticus : Michael Whitby :

Evagrius also published a collection of his memorials and miscellaneous compositions, which may now be regarded as x lost Book VI. Schholasticus, retiring voluntarily from Antioch, he went the way of all flesh by a natural death.

He, being consul elect, was assassinated on visiting the palace, at an inner door, and thus met with a punishment for his insolence towards the Roman sovereignty.

The fire, however, receiving the water as if it had been oil or sulphur, or some other combustible, continually increased, until it had completely levelled the entire mound and reduced the aggestus to ashes. Check out the top books of the year on our page Best Books of The introduction of these matters, though beside my more immediate purpose, will not offend the taste of the curious reader.

LET me, however, add a record of another circumstance which I witnessed.

Evagrius Scholasticus

Zosimas then put the ass’s load schollasticus him, and led evaggius to the gates of Caesarea, showing the power of God, and how all things are subservient to man if we live to Him and do not pervert the grace given to us. They maintain common supplications to God scholasticis the day and night, to such a degree distressing themselves, so galling themselves by their severe service, as to seem, in scohlasticus manner, tombless corpses.

The emperor also demanded possession of the body; and the people of Antioch addressed to him a petition in deprecation of his purpose, in these terms: He was ejected from his see, on the charge of maintaining the opinions of Origen, and was succeeded by Eustochius.


Memnonius also rebuilt from the foundation, in a beautiful and elaborate style, the edifice which we name Psephium, leaving an unroofed court in the centre. You must therefore carry it, though contrary to your nature, if you wish Zosimas to get out of this place and yourself to be a wild beast again. Another collection contained discourses of Evagrius, among them a panegyric of the Emperor Maurice and his son Theodosius.

Upon the whole, the preservation of his work must be a matter of satisfaction scholxsticus the studious in history, whether ecclesiastical or civil. Here her own remains were deposited, when she had departed to the unfading life.

Accordingly, my parents visited it together with the rest, accompanied by myself, at that time a school-boy. AFTER having conversed with many persons of this description, and founded, as I have already said, many such seats of contemplation, and, besides, restored the walls of Jerusalem, the consort of Theodosius also erected a very large sanctuary, conspicuous for elevation and beauty, in honour of Stephen, the first of deacons and martyrs, distant less than a stadium from Jerusalem.

On the other hand, there is a class who pursue a contrary course, and individually seclude themselves in 39 chambers of so limited a height and width, that they can neither stand upright nor lie down at ease, confining their existence to “dens and caves of the earth,” as says the apostle.

They also frequently practice superadditions, as they are called, namely, by maintaining their fastings for two or three days; and some on the fifth day, or even later, scarcely allow themselves a portion of necessary food.

He begins with the Council of Ephesus and ends with the twelfth year of the reign of the Emperor Maurice By his hand many other miracles were performed: The latter, Procopius says that he himself saw, when they had taken refuge at the imperial city, and that he maintained a conversation with them in the same manner as with unmutilated persons: While I was supposing that this treatment would now cease, and was awaiting the determination of our glorious sovereigns respecting me, another merciless order was suddenly issued for a fourth deportation.

When the sons of the Apameans were informed that Antioch had been burnt, they besought the before-mentioned Thomas to bring forth and display the saving and life-giving wood of the cross, in deviation from established rule ; that they might behold and kiss for the last time the sole salvation of man, and obtain a provision for the passage to another life, in having the precious cross as their means of transport to the better lot.

He relates wonders and legends, and it is to him we owe the account of the blood that was taken up with a sponge at certain times from the body of St. In these places the mode of life is different, but the discipline of each terminates in egagrius same devout object.


He maintained in the flesh the exercise of the fleshless life, in a certain seat of contemplation near the town of Gaza, and succeeded in working wonders too numerous evavrius be recorded.

ABOUT the same time, as Procopius also writes, scholasticue the Heruli, who had already crossed the river Danube in the reign of Anastasius, had experienced generous treatment at the hands of Justinian, in large presents of money, the whole nation embraced Christianity and adopted a more civilised mode of life.

Evagrius Scholasticus, Ecclesiastical History (AD), translated by E. Walford (). Book 4

Why need I also mention their consecration of fornication, over which they made Venus to preside, the shell-born Cyprian, who abhorred chastity as an unhallowed and monstrous thing, but delighted in fornication and all filthiness, and willed to be propitiated by them: It is only a proof that he was not one of the few whose intellectual course is independent of the habits of their age.

Nestorius, then, himself says, that during a residence there of four years, he received every mark of respect and distinction; and that, by a second edict of Theodosius, he is banished to the place called Oasis.

WHEN Anthimus, as has been already mentioned, was removed from the see. On this account, the sons of the Antiochenes so admired him, that they elected him their priest: They accordingly surrendered their city to him without resistance: He also intimates an intention Book V.

The Ecclesiastical History of Evagrius Scholasticus

WHEN Justin had reigned eight years, nine months, and three days, he associated in the scholadticus Justinian, his nephew, who was proclaimed on the first of the month Xanthicus, or April, in the five hundred and seventy-fifth year of the era of Antioch. He concludes the entire truth of the story from an inscription in Phoenician characters, which he says that he himself had read, and that it was near a fountain, where were two pillars of white stone on which were engraved these words: Evagrlus feature of the historian’s character ought therefore in no way to affect his reputation for honesty, or his claim to general credence.

But the retribution with which, unable to escape the all-seeing eye, he was visited for his blasphemous imaginations, may be gathered from other writings addressed by him to the governor of the Thebaid: