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How to Use This Manual. Licensing v and FLEXlm versions through The FLEXnet Licensing Programming and Reference Guide is for. The Software was developed fully at private expense. All other use is prohibited. Book Name: FlexNet Publisher R3 () License Administration Guide. This manual explains FLEXlm for administrators and end users and describes The FLEXlm Programmers Guide and FLEXlm Reference Manual are for.

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FAQ I am qualified for auto-upgrade.

In preferred embodiments, the client library 52 associated with the requested software program 50 first makes a local check to determine if the client library 52 has already received a commuter authorization. How do I do this?

The contents of each of these applications are incorporated by reference herein. In preferred embodiments, license codes 26 for software produced by more than one vendor may reside within the same RLF 24 of the same license server 14and may be managed with a single process execution of the license management software running on a single license server It should be noted that in preferred embodiments, the license table 34 is never modified.

Help Online – License – FLEXnet Server Setup for Windows

A legitimately purchased or licensed copy of a software program available on a network could result in many illegitimate usages or copies by unauthorized or unlicensed users having access to the network. If the granting license server is down and the commuter authorization lifetime ends prior to the return of the commuter authorization, another license server will manage the automatic check-in of the commuter authorization. FAQ Can I allow previous versions to run on my upgrade license to allow extra time to upgrade the client installations?


According to a preferred embodiment of the present invention, the plurality of license servers are managed in accordance with a server pool dlexlm, as controlled by a license management program associated with dlexlm license server computer and guixe shell program or library of API functions associated with each copy of the protected software program. Remote-auditing of programmere generated outcomes, authenticated billing and access control, and software metering system using cryptographic and other protocols.

Another attribute of the RLF 24 is the distribution of the allocations across all the license servers It is hard to know who are using Origin. FAQ I am an auto-upgrade user.

Intel Pentium 4-class processor minimum, 1GHz minimum. Various forms of encryption techniques have been developed to inhibit usage of encrypted software by unauthorized users that do not possess a decryption program or key.

With a commuter authorization, the client library 52 can open the protected software program 50 multiple times, including multiple simultaneous instantiations. Furthermore, within the license server 14the number of available allocations is incremented by one, and this change communicated to the leader server. I am the Admin on this computer – so what do I do?


FAQ-7 Can I convert the trial into my purchased product? Thus, as illustrated in FIG. I need install Origin on computers. FAQ What is mixed concurrent license? How do I get my Product Key? Protected software may include, but is not limited to, for example, a software program, such as a word-processing program, a graphics program, a computer game, etc.

Thus, in the example of FIG. In contrast, the distribution tables 36 for follower servers B and C the follower distribution tables will only reflect the allocation status of that particular follower server, as indicated by the X don’t care designations in portions of the follower distribution tables. Therefore, it is an advantage of embodiments of the present invention to provide a license management system and method for more efficiently managing licenses on a network using a pool of multiple license servers.


What is the best way for me to transfer product keys to the new users? FAQ I have registered Origin. As part of the function of the shell or library of API functions, a request is then sent from the client computer 12 to follower server B for one or more authorizations to run the protected program.

FAQ Why can’t I paste text into the license dialog?

License management utilities FLEXlm version A method as recited in claim 10the step of communicating a request for a commuter authorization to use the protected software further including the step of selecting the commuter authorization lifetime.

What is the best way?

Download the zip file above, extract the files in a directory and run the Setup program appropriate for your host:. However, in alternative embodiments the Progrmmers addresses may be stored in a record associated with the license codes I am the Admin on this computer – so giude do I do? FAQ Can I allow previous versions to run on my upgrade license to allow extra time to upgrade the client installations? The server, under the control of the license management software, responds to the request to determine whether it is storing an available license for the protected software program.

Origin and higher version concurrent network package requires FLEXnet server version progrxmmers If it has not, then the client library 52 sends a request for a commuter authorization to the specified license server 14 in the server pool.