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Respons Fisiologi Crocidolomia pavonana terhadap Fraksi Aktif Calophyllum soulattri. March Djoko Prijono · Latifah Kosim Darusman. Synergistic action of mixed extracts of Brucea javanica (Simaroubaceae), Piper Respons Fisiologi Crocidolomia pavonanaterhadap Fraksi Aktif Calophyllum. mengguna kromatografi resin untuk menghasilkan lima fraksi. Fraksi yang -II) menunjukkan aktiviti anti-acetylcholinesterase yang aktif .. Simaroubaceae.

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The results showed that the color direction was brownish with different color darkness depending on the type of mordant used. Here, we investigated the antiulcer activity of hydroalcoholic fruit extract of P.

Thermogravimetric analysis showed that PDP polysaccharide was thermally stable. The tree yields good quality timber and is often planted on roadsides and as shade There are no meticulous scientific reports on effect of the plant on inflammation and pain.

It was noticed a higher proportion of trees falling leaves between August and October which characterizes a period of transition between the dry and the rainy time with sensitive reduction of rainfall. Moderate but aktit significant genetic differentiation was found among populations considering both FST 0. A comprehensive analysis on Symplocos racemosa Roxb.: Full Text Available Sapium sebiferum Linn. The atif goal was to educate citizens and raise awareness of this invasive species.

TP treatment reduced serum FSH and LH levels and significantly increased the weight of the seminal vesicles and epididymis, in accordance with histopathological changes, in both intact and orchidectomized rats. Aqueous acetone extract of Terminalia bellirica Gaertn. The polysaccharide fractions showed activity in a concentration dependent manner which was comparable to the standard, ascorbic acid.


Stem bark of A. Roxb SR extract on heart weight, plasma lipid profile, plasma marker enzymes, lipid peroxidation, endogenous enzymatic and non-enzymatic antioxidants and membrane bound ATPases against isoproterenol IP induced myocardial necrosis MN in rats.

excelsa roxb tree: Topics by

Essential Oil of Amomum maximum Roxb. Nearly individuals were observed in the study area. At Ai-Todor, most oaks, junipers, and pistachio showed decay.

Further, the extracts neither facilitated nor blocked release of the dopamine DA. Simaroubaceaeis an invasive weed tree distributed throughout most of the continental United States. Owing to this the species may be able to modify the habitats to its advantage, as has been reported elsewhere. Prospect of Milicia excelsa Welw. Gambir extract from West Sumatra with catechin contains Lymphocyte proliferation was also determined by 3H-thymidine uptake assay.

Traditionally or in Indian system of medicine, A. This was a quasy-experimental study with non-equivalent control group design conducted on October-December In many areas of Africa, combining tree -growing with animal rearing is advantageous, as the trees provide shade, animal fodder and timber for fuel and building, while grazing animals reduce the fire hazard from ground vegetation and improve soil fertility through droppings.

Our results indicate that the seed orientation including medium strength have tremendous effect on germination and seeds inoculated horizontally on half strength MS medium can be utilized to enhance In vitro seed germination of Pterocarpus marsupium. Tree height-diameter and yield functions for Gmelina arborea roxb Cardiovascular activity of the n-butanol fraction of the methanol extract of Loranthus ferrugineus Roxb.


A maximum of 8. In cupric reducing antioxidant capacity assay the extracts showed moderate reducing power which increases with concentration.

The preliminary phytochemical group tests were done, which revealed the presence of alkaloid, tannin, flavonoid and steroid.

Thaifolk doctors have used some medicinal plants as an adaptogenic drug or immunomodulatory agent. Kutkura fruit seed oil contained 7.

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Lecythidaceae in a central Amazonia agricultural area. Anthropogenic disturbance of ecosystem processes is increasingly being explored in urban settings. Allergic Reactions to Tree Nuts Tree nuts can cause a severe and In rhizome oil, curzerenone In anesthetized Sprague-Dawley rats, NBF-LFME significantly lowered blood pressure in a graksi manner and with a simzroubaceae longer duration of action compared to the other fractions. The dried fruit was extracted in soxhlet apparatus using petroleum ether, ethyl acetate and methanol.

Rats pre-administered with the HAEPD showed significantly reduced ulcer score comparable to that of ranitidine pretreated rats. Only two types of rubber oxygenases, rubber oxygenase RoxA and latex clearing protein Lcphave been described so far.

The fractions respectively was examined their antioxidant activity.

Recently, a novel phytoestrogen, 3R-1,7-diphenyl- 4E,6E-4,6-heptadienol or compoundhas been isolated and no study thus far has investigated the role of C. Full Text Available Abstrak Biomassa lignoselulosa yang merupakan limbah pemanenan kayu harus dilakukan proses untuk memisahkan selulosa, hemiselulosa dan lignin sehingga dapat termanfaatkan.