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View and Download President HR owner’s manual online. 10 Meter Amateur Transceiver. HR Transceiver pdf manual download. Also for: Hr View and Download PRESIDENT HR user manual online. 10 Meter Amateur Mobile Transceiver. HR Transceiver pdf manual download. PRESIDENT LINCOLN (HR ) MODS by Roger Perales ~ perales Conversion of this text from html format to PDF by Frank TomeŇ°.

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Component Layout with Cross reference for the HR 9. Connect the power wire to the 5 volt regulator pin 3 facing the front of the radio, the far right leg of the L78MO5CV, located in the middle of the microprocessor circuit board.

L Disconnect DC Ammeter. This is a 3 pin transistor bolted to the left side of the case next to VR To adjust them, you need a good scope with at least 60 MHz bandwidth MHz would be better.

Adjust VR for Tie a jumper wire from the thru plate via hole at the end of the trace the bare end of the 10K ohm Resistor. Be careful how high you set the AM power, also.

It is not my intention to cover ground that has already been covered by others; there are many fine resources on the web describing various mods and enhancements to these rigs. Examination of the schematics for both radios showed that the RF sections were manial almost identical.

Please send me your web page address when you get it finished, and I’ll put it on my site as well. Solder it to pin 3 of IC Adjustmen t Remarks Mode: Pin 3 is the lead closest to the back of the radio.


My had this mod in it when I got it. Connect a watt meter and a dummy load to the antenna jack. Loosen the four screws on the sides of the radio that hold the PLL tray in the radio.

Uniden HR Service Manual

My philosophy is that unless you have been to engineering school and have access to CAD equipment and network analyzers, don’t dink with the RF strip. This will increase the amplitude of the beep. This modification will increase the receive audio.

To manial the relay you connect one side of the Relay coil the side with the Cathode of the diode to IC pin 1. The right coil labeled L, adjusts Maunal. You get memories, repeater splits, and 12 Meters too! The exreme left coil labeled L, adjusts USB.

PRESIDENT HR2510 User Manual

Now put the radio on Zdravim ono je to skoro jedno, protoze shogun je po VF strance temer identicky s lincolnem vcetne jeho nesvaru. Adjust VR so that squelch just breaks. With the flat side of the transistor facing you and leads pointing down: That extra couple of watts will never make it to the guy on majual other end, but it will sure tick off your neighbors.

With the SW turned on, adjust VR for 0.

HR 2510 Manual

If you write me with a question about modifying your radio or where to buy an amplifier, without providing a verifiable ham callsign, I will not answer your email; furthermore, your email will be forwarded directly to the Federal Communications Commission, or to the radio regulatory agency of your country. Bill Nadzam was very patient in working with me on a problem that it turned out was of my own creation. A sweep test of the audio chain from the collector of Q to the speaker showed an overall response of about Hz to Hz.


Although I have not tried this mod MOD 2 it is fairly straight forward. Sat, 11 Apr The Chipswitch replacement CPU will not compensate for this either, and the people at Chipswitch haven’t shown any interest in releasing a new version to allow for this mod. Remove both covers from the radio and look for the Mic jack.

Be sure to give them the HTX catalog number,as well. Connect the cathode of the diode to pin 6 of IC, and the anode to the collector the center pin of Q With the Mode switch to AM, Frequency at If you are an Meter ‘freebander’ and are reading this page, I strongly encourage you to become a licenced ham and cease illegal operations on 11 Meters.


Sun, 12 Apr There is only so much ‘headroom’ in the transmitter strip, and too much AM power will cause signal clipping and distortion.

If you want repeater splits, get a Chipswitch.

Increasing the Receive Audio III This mod will increase receive strength and dynamic range, resulting in louder, cleaner signals while actually reducing noise levels.