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When asserted low, indicates a reduced load-current condition.

Multiphase Core Regulator For IMVP-6 Mobile CPUs

This cap needs to be a high grade cap like X7R with low tolerance. This total current is typically ? Once we know the attenuation of the RS and RN network, we can then determine the Droop amplifier Gain required to achieve the load line. One should expect the output voltage to slew to the Boot value of 1.

This is due to the R 3 modulator commanding variable switching frequency during load transients. At load current step up, the switching frequency is increased resulting in a faster response than conventional fixed frequency PWM datasheeg. Compared with the traditional multiphase buck regulator, the R3 modulator commands variable switching frequency during load transients, which achieves faster transient response.

The second level of overvoltage protection behaves differently. Users should use the ISLC evaluation board component values and follow the evaluation board layout of NTC as much as possible to minimize engineering time.

(PDF) ISL6260 Datasheet download

A on NTC pin, the voltage is only VW pin sources current. In general, the switching frequency will be very close to the set value at high input voltage and heavy load conditions. And its combined tolerance at a wide temperature range should be calculated. Now, the input to the Droop amplifier is the Vrsense voltage.


This voltage drop will be referred to isl620 Voc. It should be noted that the switching frequency in the Electrical Specification Table is tested with the error amplifier output or Comp pin voltage at 2V. For DCR sensing, the process of compensation for DCR resistance variation to achieve the desired load line droop has several steps and is somewhat iterative.

Unless otherwise specified, tolerance: For discrete resistor current sensing circuit, the droop circuit parameters can be solved the same way as the DCR sensing approach with a few slight modifications. An estimate of the value of the resistor is as shown in Equation We recognize that these components form a voltage divider. Only if the inductor current is really cross zero, does the true DCM occur.

There is another consideration in order to achieve better time constant match mentioned above.

ISL datasheet, Pinout ,application circuits Multiphase Core Regulator For IMVP-6 Mobile CPUs

Rtrace is the trace resistance from the inductor to the microprocessor on the phase that needs to be tweaked. It is also used to reduce audible adtasheet when entering or exiting Deeper Sleep Mode.

It can be programmed for one- two- or three-channel operation for microprocessor core applications up to 70A.


These resistors are used to sense the DC voltage drop across each inductor. It is a package. This value is much lower than the threshold voltage of 1.

ISL Datasheet – Multiphase PWM Regulator – Intersil

A unity gain, differential amplifier is. This resistor is used to tie the datasgeet of all channels together and thus create a summed average of the local CORE voltage output. Undervoltage protection is independent of the overcurrent limit. Static Mode of Operation – Processor Die Sensing Die sensing allows the Voltage Regulator to compensate for various resistive drops in the power path and insure datahseet the voltage seen at the CPU die is the correct level independent of load current.

Do not connect any other components to this pin. It affects both soft start and VID transitioning slew rate. Refer to Figure Basically, if the max current is 40A, the required droop voltage is dataheet with 2. The selection of Roc is given below in Equation All of the above faults have the same action taken: Programmable 1, datawheet or 3 Power Channels? This ratio provides for a fairly reasonable amount of light load signal from which to arrive at droop.

It is highly recommended to use symmetrical layout in order to achieve natural current balance. This protection was referred to as way-overcurrent or fast over current, for short-circuit protections.