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Find the most up-to-date version of ISO at Engineering Adoption by endorsement for the latest version of this international/national standard and the previous adopted edition remains effective for 2 years starting from. Standard Number, BS ISO Title, Graphical symbols. Creation and design of public information symbols. Requirements.

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They are written in regular type.

This numbering shall be independent of the numbering of the clauses and of any tables. For some purposes, 2277 or series of values may be selected, particularly for variety control and interface purposes.

If it is necessary to use language-specific abbreviated terms such as ppm, their meaning shall be explained.

In general this requirement can easily be met and therefore it is not necessary to include the year of publication in the International Standard number block. This description block shall be as short as possible and is preferably taken from the subject classification of the document e. Symbols representing numerical values shall be different from symbols representing the corresponding quantities.

No terms and definitions are listed in this document. Category of graphical symbol. Too many levels of subdivision should be avoided, as this can make it hard for the user 2277 understand the document. There are, nevertheless, some fields in which reference to the manufacturing process is needed e.


This designation provides a rapid and unambiguous description of the item. All these document types are referred to collectively as documentsunless otherwise necessary. If needed for cross-referencing purposes, mathematical formulae can be numbered in a document. If it is specified in the document that every single item is to be tested in accordance with the document, any statements concerning the conformity of the product to the document mean that every single item has been tested and that each has fulfilled the corresponding requirements.


Where such equipment is not readily available, this clause shall include such specifications for the equipment as to kso that comparable testing can be conducted by all parties. Quantities, units and their symbols.

BSi/ISO Standards – ISTC

Guarantee conditions shall not be included because they are commercial or contractual, rather than technical, in nature.

Examinations and measurements — Visual examination.

The content of a document shall be written so that it can be applied and adopted without change as a regional or national standard. They may, however, be preceded by a title or introductory phrase.

When the performance principle is adopted, care shall be taken to ensure that important features are not inadvertently omitted from the performance requirements. If notes are referred to, use for example, the following forms for references: You can pay online remember to log in first. C [5]reproduced with the permission of the authors. No document containing requirements for products, processes, services, persons, systems and bodies shall make conformity dependent on a quality management systems standard i.

Writing numerical values with unit symbols Use numerical values written in figures with unit symbols. This is particularly important in test methods, which are often applicable to more than one product, or type of product. Are all of the references listed in the Normative references clause cited in the text in such a way that some or all of their content constitutes requirements of the document?



Connection to be made if the tested object has a terminal for PE. If a formula is numbered, it should ixo referred to in the text. If a very complex table is necessary, it can be better to include it as a software supplement to the document.

If, for any reason, more than one test method is to be specified, a referee test method often called reference test method may be identified in the document to resolve doubts or dispute. One or more data blocks can be omitted but the empty space shall be indicated by using an extra separator for each omitted data block.

Carefully remove the membrane filter 5. Does it state where it is applicable? Unit symbols shall not be used within mathematical formulae. Your basket is empty. One and a Half-day In-person Seminar. This edition includes the following significant changes compared to the previous edition:.

The column headings together with any statement concerning units can be repeated on all pages after the first. The following list of basic reference works is not exhaustive. Instead, it is preferable to require that the item be supplied with a list of performance data. This information is given for the convenience of users of this document and does not constitute an endorsement by ISO of the product named.