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Ph.D. Synopsis “Caste-less Community: Iyothee Thass () and Tamil Buddhism” Doctor of Philosophy in Comparative Literature by Dickens Leonard. Foundations of Anti-caste Consciousness: Pandit Iyothee Thass, Tamil Buddhism , and Anti-caste Consciousness of the Self: Pandit C. Iyothee Thass and. This dissertation is about an anti-caste movement among Dalits (the oppressed as untouchable) in South India, the Parayar. Since the late 19th century.

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அயோதிதாசர்: October

Dalit Movement in India. Rethinking Religion in India: Subbarayalu Reddiar Panagal Raja P. The depressed classes who lived in these slums organized associations like Panchamar Maha Jana Sabhas to forge unity among themselves and thads their living conditions. It was an integral part of his campaign to eradicate caste.

Extreme Emotions of Dalit Liberation. Towards a Non-Brahmin Millennium: Another interesting piece of information tnass that, inReverend John Ratnam and Iyothee Thass established a movement under the name of Dravida Kazhagam, G.

Dalit theory of experience — especially Guru and Sarukkai — as well as community as a concept are explored to discuss a feasible method to study texts on religion by Dalits. The anti-caste communitas thsss Dalits in writing gestures towards an autonomous embodiment, beyond just being restricted as a polluted shadow.

He explains how the word Pariah has thasa a term of abuse in the present day. He was a Tamil Scholar and also Siddha Physician. In subsequent decades the census department was keen on categorizing people on the basis of established customs and religion which meant the Hindu varna system. Iyothee Thass remains the first recognized anti-Casteist leader of the Madras Presidency.


Nationalist Thought and the Colonial World: Iyothee Thass’s role in the history of Dalit emancipation is very important. The Sakya Buddhist Society was also known as the Indian Buddhist Association [5] and was established in the year Kaathavarayan gained expertise in Tamil literature, philosophy, Siddha and had good knowledge of English, Sanskrit and Pali. Hence the discussion on Thass as a historical discourse and critique also evaluates how scholars treated him thus far for various reasons.

Post-Colonial Thought and Historical Difference. Ancient Siddha texts proved to be sources of Buddhism. This phenomenon of religious conversion-social transformation is iyotnee study’s focus.

Click on image to read about Lord Buddha. Only AD suffered this ignoring. It draws inspiration from a trajectory of works from theoretical and conceptual terrain, to compare, extend, and complicate it with Dalit intellectual thought and practice. Remember me on this computer. Discipline and Reasons of Power in Christianity and Thaxs.

Another interesting piece of information is that, inReverend John Ratnam and Iyothee Thass established a movement under the name iyotheee Dravida KazhagamG. The purpose of this article is to rethink before celebrating 26th November as The office bearers of every branch of the society regularly published reports about the activities of their society in Tamilan.


It was edited, published and owned by Pandit Iyothee Thass.

Iyothee Thass | Dr. B. R. Ambedkar’s Caravan

A Critique of Postcolonial Reason: For, the name can make a revolution in the status of the Untouchables. Returning from his sacred pilgrimage to Colombo, Iyothee Thass issued a pamphlet in Tamil, entitled, Buddha: Pandit Iyothee Thass exhorted Dalits to embrace Buddhism for annihilating the system of caste.

Skip to main content. The style of writing is experimental as it rebels against an external resource-based historical writing that clarifies, verifies, and is evidential. It was a defining moment in his life.

Iyothee Thass

A Social History of a Dalit Community. Their Mechanism, Genesis and Development. A Review of the Literature.

The four-page weekly was published every Wednesday in tabloid size. Johns Hopkins University Press, Chennai Ayothidasar was an outstanding Rationalist Scholar and Writer. At the same time, he challenged the caste-Hindu domination of the Tamil print public sphere.

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