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Lid closing still doesn’t switch off LCD screen so sleep mode still quite useless. . Patch used: JaS a Generic Patch vb PPF. Natvie install with a JaS a Patch Vb patched iso image file. . Method: Native install with with JaS a Generic Patch vb. Kernel Panic with patch , a in native install. (((Try the JaS a Generic Patch vb is might help these issues))) (((wesley Patch has.

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Everything seems to be working!

Frequencies are off, and it plays at about 1. Works firewire ,usb ,Video: Don’t add hardware just because you think it might work. No need to use 111a internal hard drive for OSX – can keep windows xp on the internal drive. I installed the newest flash update from adobe and safari hasnt crashed since then.

Worked without any problems. Using the same burned DVD which worked flawlessly beforeit stucks at that error. Sign in with Twitter. The Alt key is used for option. Modes x default and x worked. Rosetta works just delete all ATI kexts if you have this card installed. WiFi does not work at all. One minor point though, the following lines: I started working on ways to upgrade to If this happens to you, plug a USB keyboard and mouse and then download this file: Native install with Hangs on “still waiting for root device” workaround not yet apparent.


Audio works, hiccups and pauses, fixed by turning off hyperthreading in the bios doesnt not show up in the system profiler 3.

Burns DVDs, the network works fine, works as fine as an apple machine. Then install the kexts found in this post: There is a long thread on this board where many people tried to crack it and couldn’t.

Stock Dell Dimension3. The iso that it 11111a is smaller than the original iso that JaS created. Adobe CS2 Suite works with Enterprise edition. Had to manually edit Menu. Update by -A- I was able to get the onboard audio working by adding 0x27de to my ktext. Looks like an iBook, and almost works like one. The only things that didn’t work were dvd genneric, card reader, and wifi intel bg.

Graphics are not accelerated and will not go above x, have not looked into troubleshooting this yet. Please add whether your device supports QE, Quartz Extreme, graphics.

It probably is missing the boot sector during the conversion. Natvie install with a JaS a Patch V4. Onboard broadcom wired ethernet non functional; the kext for it appears to be ppc only.

The Logitech mouse appears to have 6 buttons to OS X this is exactly how many it does haveand you can map Expose’ functions to the extra buttons. See the x86 software page for programs you can run without Rosetta. Volume keys and mute key also work.


HCL /Incompatible – OSx86

JaS a Generic Patch v4. TrueMobile tri-mode wireless card Working: Please see the discussion page for proper instructions on how to input your system specs. Pxtch seems to work great, safari crashes a lot but itunes works just fine. On this laptop, the DVD can get to the set up, partition, but while installing files it has an error. For how to edit the Wiki, please see this thread. Info says SpeedStep is working. Booting from DVD Image fails with com.

HCL 10.4.3/Incompatible

I encounterd a lot of problems with the dvd-rom drive so i used a usb external dvd-drive to install. Ethernet interface only works with default DHCP configuration. Posted October 15, When I upgraded to Bootable DVD is the easiest aptch all to do and if you do it correctly, this may end up being your main machine.