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Read Kaholo 14 (kit) reviews, specs, & where to buy – “As a build it your own kit I There are no other SUP boards in the world that are easier for a first-time. Kaholo SUP series. About Us. The Kaholo series Stand Up Paddleboards (SUPs) are designed for cruising, touring, fitness and recreational racing. They are a. I picked up a copy of Wooden Boat magazine, which contained an article on how to build the Kaholo, a wooden stand up paddleboard (SUP).

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Receive our Boatbuilder Updates for much more! For recreational paddling, cruising and exercise, from about to over They can be printed for carrying around.

Building a Kaholo SUP | A hollow wood Stand-Up Paddleboard

We made a lot of believers out of folks who have tried out our new Kaholo SUP kits at shows across the kayolo. All of the reviews are created and written by paddlers like you, so be sure to submit your own review and be skp of the community! Part 2 OkoumeFest Wrap Up: This site uses cookies. It took 18 months and many prototypes to refine the Kaholo SUP. A detailed Kaholo 14 build log with lots of photos can be read on our forum.

It’s also a major workout — every muscle in your body is at work as you ride over waves and work the long-handled SUP paddle.


All board dimensions are approximate, as there can be slight variations when building; this is especially true for board weights. It’s taken five years and more prototypes than we care to count to refine the two Kaholo SUP boards. It can be built in a week. The board is okoume marine plywood, stitched-and-glued together and sheathed in glass fabric, with a grid of bulkheads and stiffeners inside to make the board stiff and light.

Ready for serious sanding. Average Adult, Larger Adult. Discover Cool New Gear.

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Kaholo 14 kit by Chesapeake Light Craft. Boat number two will be a cinch. Beginners often like the harder tracking, but as a paddler becomes more proficient, they will appreciate the greater control kahoolo the twin-fins!

It contains a photograph or diagram of every step. Harris says he can envision shifting one of his suo marinas on foot looking at boatsto a Kaholo.

Stand Up Paddleboards

But you don’t give up one bit of performance if you build your own Kaholo! As a build it your own kit I must say for a beginner with no previous knowledge of woodworking or boat making, their kits were fun and educational that even after one of my boards dropped it was a bad day I was able to fix it over a weekend.

This wire turned jaholo to be tough, sharp and not as compliant as copper wire of the same size would be. The is more compact, better for smaller-statured paddlers, and it fits in several increasingly popular racing classes. My wife rides the 12’6″ which is perfect for her 5′ height and sometimes can carry the dog. Deck Pads for Stand-Up Paddleboards. Kaholo 14’0″ Complete Kit view contents. You achieve kayak-like speeds, but your visibility is vastly improved because your head is so much further off the water.


I was surprised by how stable it was and how well it tracked. I want to build the 12′ board for my wife. The tail shape and twin fins facilitate surfing on long swells once your skills build up to that. Kaholo Complete Kit view contents. Paddler size — for all paddlers: Paddler size ,aholo on usage. Tracking is great and a fine bow with kayak-derived shaping lifts the Kaholo and 14 up and over waves.

Read more about it on his blog. Tie Down Straps – Two-pack.

The only problem with the thinner 24 gauge wire is the ease in which the thinner wire can cut into your wood when tightened. Scott Mestrezat built and paddled a Kaholo 14 miles the length of the Missouri River Read more about it on his blog Construction is similar to the popular and highly refined San O’ 14 and 16 paddleboards which are too narrow for stand-up paddling.