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So I have been seriously consider getting a kayak erg for this winter. When the weather gets really cold or the water freezes I would like to continue training. Does anyone know if there is a good brand kayak ergometer distributor in Sydney (or east coast), Australia? Last time I looked into it the only way you could . I recently completed the instructional video on how to build your own kayak ergometer from a Nordic Track ski machine. The plans and part list.

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I own one brand of kayak ergometer and I use it regularly and it suits my needs. There are good ergs and bad ergs – or more precisely, some ergs don’t simulate the stroke very well at all. But, try to demo a Gym if you can. You will find other such DIY ergometers online but many of them are very long and look like they have bed frames attached kauak the front of the device which causes ropes to rub, require a lot of space, and are not really portable.

You can buy the flywheel and bearings as spare parts…and if you do that I can make measurements of everything else and email them to you. Brand new product which simulates the motion stereotype of paddle sport for test and training.

Is there a sticker on the Nordic Track ski ergomeeter that will help with this? Kayak racer and fitness enthusiast in Charlottesville, VA. I’ve been working on a weight lifting rower, building in my garage out of scrap wood. I was wondering if you had seen this difference on other Speedstroke machines?


Or for more information you should visit web portals.

With pleasure I would buy drawings but: You are commenting using your WordPress. Pretty much only purchased rope, bungee, pulleys, threaded rod. Review of rooftop V-bars for Kayak Transport: It looks like a less sexy version of the speedstroke, however the guts of it look to be the same.

What is the estimated cost of materials? You can also easily regulate fly-wheel drag for additional flexibility. Video of the week Video of the Week – Sharon Armstrong Kaak Recent Topics Search.

KayakPro – Manufacturers and Designers of World Class Ergometers and Kayaks

For tools, would a drill and jigsaw be enough or are there others I might need? Each side is separate rope using bungees for tension. Definitely a cool looking erg. This leads me to many different options, some of which are pretty darn expensive.

The will not work. World-Class Simulation The Stroke2max Kayak Ergometer, is a high-tech kayak simulator with an unparalleled authentic water feeling.

Stroke2max K1 Kayak Ergometers indoor kayak ergometers paddling ergometers canoe ergometers kayak simulator paddling simulator canoe simulator indoor kayak trainer. I srgometer to search on ebay. Please Log in or Create an account to join the conversation. The seat I had laying around from when I replaced it on my rowing erg.

DIY Kayak Ergometer Plans now available!

However, It seems if you make the kwyak rest wider the ropes from the paddle will hit the foot rest. The WEBA Kayak Ergo is quality engineered using heavy duty components, looks ergometerr and can be split quickly into two parts for transportation or storage.

You should search that. My video plans assume you are starting with a complete machine. That Nordic Track will work. Does the design incorporate any of the electronics from the nordictrack to track distance and whatnot?


Please Log in or Create an account to join the conversation. If you don’t have the room, then an alternative is needed. For some reason my version of the SpeedStroke Gym does not have this height adjustment feature. When the weather gets really cold or the water freezes I would like to continue training to make sure that everything is tip top for the spring.

If you are ,ayak in reading the full story and evolution of this ergometer then you may read all about in this previous post. I have an old concept II as well.

In my opinion, the time spent on a good erg is more productive than on the water – if you already know how to paddle and balance a ski. But, if you want something rrgometer really simulates on-water training, the GYM is the kaak for you.

So I have been seriously consider getting a kayak erg for this winter. What modification would I have to make to the ergometer to accommodate a wider foot spread? Its smooth at the catch and really does feel like paddling. Buy the kayal plans from the original designer! Log in Forgot your password?

I’m trying to figure out a way to retrofit my machine to add this feature on. I just got myself a Paddlelite Pro.