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This 9 division of star are Sub Lords in KP system and a real concept of KP Astrology. KP or Krishnamurti Paddhati Astrology Software is based on the study of. In Vedic Astrology, we have more than 50 dashas but in K P Astrology we use all ways(paddhati) in Indian astrology so KP just gives u right time but yes. Brief Introduction to KRISHNAMURTHI PADDHATI (KP) sytem of astrology.

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You may sub-divide this stick by any means into finite sections, may be equal or unequal depending on your end use.

The unit of measure adopted by KP is the Vimshottari Mahadasha Paddhati again an accepted Vedic concept based on the 7 Planets and 2 Nodes, each planet being allocated a fixed number of years.

The Star-Lord of this planet owns a house paddhato houses and will indicate the event matters of those houses owned pxddhati the Star-Lord. Krishnamurthi, regularly as a frequent review is necessary to understand and remember the basics of the subject. A similar postiive connection between the first house querist and the house representing the matter under querry are strongly connected then the querry was sincere and paddahti a higher chance of being analyzed positively.

In Prashna Kundali a retrograde planet gives results only in direct motion, retrograde planet is considered powerless. It will be important for an astrologer to know this technique as it minimizes the difference between the predictions. He must be commended for that.

Repeating the exercise for say a dozen times or more would hopefully give an estimate of which epoch works better. You can consider it as an amalgam of the best and most accurate points and principles of various other astrological systems that exist out there, paddnati borrowed concepts from both Indian and Western divination systems.


– Explaination of Krishnamurti Paddhati

A very interesting and ‘stress- provoking’ exercise! If moon is moved to that sensitive degree the day of the event can be arrived padxhati. Vedic Astrologers may find difficulty in prediction whereas KP Astrologers can predict in the most accurate manner whether there is a promise found in Kundali for certain event or not.

What is KP Astrology? Rahu and Ketu are exceptions as they completely replace the Planets conjoined with it or aspecting it in any manner.

Free KP horoscope (Krishnamurthy paddhati) software

In the adjacent figure the point E implies the eastern horizon and Aries Sign is shown co-incident. I got good knowledge of Palmistry with your study materials and I am proud to be a part of this great institution. The entire KP system is based on proper evaluation and applications of sub lords. It is one of the most simple technique in Hindu Astrology. Spread your love towards padhdati. The nodes rahu and ketu add unpredictability and suddenness, and result in uneven progress in the matters at hand.

Astronomically, It is assumed that planets in the universe are placed in between a belt, also known as Zodiac Belt. The concept of dividing the Zodiac is almost same in both Vedic Astrology as well as in kp Astrology.

Perhaps we can do the same with our snail-mail here! The seriousness of the querist must first be examined in order to determine if the chart would paddati well and represent the process adequately or not. As we have already discussed that it is a best part of Vedic Astrology. The span of house could be less than 30 degree or more than 30 degree. In this software from Birthastro, the houses are measured from cusp to cusp.


KP Astrology – Krishnamurti Paddhati – KP System

After assessing the matter, the time of fructification of such matters has to be found out and this led to the invention of the Ruling Planets. A definite sequence exists to evaluate the strength of planets.

KP Astrology is based on the stellar system of prediction and its “Sub Lords. In KP Astrology, certain rules are defined to measure the time for happening and non happening moments in life.

KP uses Western Aspects. Vedic Astrology assumes that the houses are equally divided in 12 divisions of 30 degree. Detailed Horoscope Telugu Jatakam in Telugu with predictions and remedies. Events which need a year or more: This is a very important contributing factor for the accuracy of predictions as pdadhati resolution or the least count has now increased.

Day Ruler for the day under consideration.

This division is based on the Placidus padddhati of Western Astrology. We offer a series of different duration courses that you can select from on the basis of your specific requirements: