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Radio Resource Control (RRC);. Protocol specification. (Release 8). The present document has been developed within the 3rd Generation Partnership Project. LTEā„¢ is a Trade Mark of ETSI currently being registered for the benefit of its Members .. Reception of the RRCConnectionSetup by the UE. 3GPP TS V () .. Reception of the RRCConnectionSetup by the UE. Valid only in TDD operation [RAN1 spec; FFS].

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The transitions to lower energy consuming states occur when inactivity timers trigger. Then you need to know the contents IE: ESM cause information element Figure 9. This page was last edited on 22 Aprilat EPS update type information element Table 9. CCC” and if you gets into the spec BB. ESM cause information element Table 9. Message contents are defined in clause6. EMM cause information element Figure 9.

Reordering of fields in RRCCo LCS client identity information element Figure 9. Meetings Version Upload date Comment. SS Code information element Figure 9. The configuration of RRC inactivity timers in a W-CDMA network has considerable impact on the battery life of a phone when a packet data connection is open. Detach type information element Table 9. The period ofmeasurement shall be one sub-frame 1ms.


Earthquake and Tsunami Warning System.

PDN address information element Table 9. Isn’t this complicated enough to make your head spinning?

Removed a Rel ASN. Provisioning of IP-based multimedia services. Even though you are not in spce conformance type of testing, a lot of IOT Inter Operability Test and any user defined test cases has similar concept to the conformance.

Transport Block Size and Throughput Calculation. EPS update type information element Figure 9.

Positioning Support for LTE. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Just for overall test procedure, the information described above would be enough even without refering to other specification or table. The first set of specification you have to be familar with are as follows: EPS quality of service information element Table 9.

Rrrc information element Table 9.

Radio Resource Control

EPS update result information element Figure 9. The major functions of the RRC protocol include connection establishment and release functions, broadcast of system information, radio bearer establishment, reconfiguration and release, RRC connection mobility procedures, paging notification and release and outer loop power control. Different operators have different configurations for the inactivity timers, which leads to differences in energy consumption.

Carrier Aggregation for LTE. UL multiple antenna transmission for LTE. CLI information element Figure 9. But when you go over the test procedure over and over, I would start further details of parameters and it’s default values of the IE information elements for the test cases.


ESM message container information element Table 9.

Radio Resource Control – Wikipedia

Pick a specific area where you are specially interested in and make a list of additional specification and define the relationship among those specification. EPS update result information element Table 9. Cause values for EPS session management B.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. History Action date Action Author. LCS indicator information element Table 9. The operation of the RRC is guided by a state machine which defines certain specific states that a UE may be present in. I have a couple of examples here. Tracking area identity list information element Figure 9. Change of system Information TS UE security capability information element Figure 9. NAS key set identifier information element Table 9.

Technical specification TS Initial planned Release: Latency reductions for LTE. EPS network feature support information element Table 9.