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If the supply volt- age sample applied to the non-inverting input of an op-amp exceeds the reference voltage applied to the invert- ing inputs, the output of the op-amp goes high and the LED connected at its output lights up.

The ca- pacitor CI starts charging through re- sistor Rl. The out- put from a latch is available only when its disable pins 3 and 15 are brought low. MOV at the input prevents surges or spikes, protecting the circuit.

The decoder will save up to a maximum of 16 digits. The circuit diagram for realising these Boolean functions is shown in Fig. Though this unit removes the power from the equipment being controlled, it doesn’t provide isolation from the mains. The first half of the NE is wired for 5-second pulse output.

This, in turn, triggers Triac 1, which then powers the slave loads. Next check that all components are in their correct position on the PCB. The IC’s are low cost and easily available.

When control signal is zero, the output is same as the input buffer mode. Some are “static” dataxheet operation, meaning that any data written to the port is latched. When the first song starts playing, the output pins of IC1 KA go low and capacitor C5 starts charging.


Similarly, transistor T2 along with zener ZD2 and preset VR2 is used to sense and adjust low voltage level for beep indication.

It does not use any wire connection be- tween TV and headphones. Thus the output is complement of the input. The zener diode at the output section prevents ex- cess reverse voltage levels appearing across the LEDs during negative half cycles. Use of 16 switches, which sug- gests that there is a microprocessor in- m8c155-5.


As a consequence, output voltage at the collector of transistor Tl sustains for- ward biasing of transistor T2, even if switch SI is released.

In this condition, thelaser beam will have no effect on LDR and the alarm will con- tinue to operate as long as switch S2 is on. The status of LEDs for different battery voltages is shown in the table. If you try to press switch S2 a sec- ond time when the first ding dong sound is still being produed, it has no effect what- ever and the two ding-dong bell sounds will be invariably produced.

M81C55 Datasheet PDF

PC or microcontroller or micro- processor based instruments. This condition can be re- versed by momentarily pressing switch SI as explained earlier. The measured output is nearly equal to the theoretically calculated output across regulator IC3 LM Preset VR1 is used to control the sen- sitivity of the circuit to differentiate be- tween the noise and the signal. However, ini- tially both transistors Tl and T2 are cut off.

This cuts the charg- ing path for the capacitor and it starts discharging slowly. This circuit pro- vides a maximum of nine channels and therefore can be used to spell a word or sign having up to nine characters.



The circuits will also protect the equip- ment from getting damaged due to high- voltage spikes whenever there is a re- sumption of power after a break. However a short description is necessary so that the memory decoding scheme can be explained and understood. As shown above, the devices can be replaced without any trouble.

A small heat sink is recommended for IC1. Keep all the zone doors fixed with sensing switches Sll, S21, S31, S41, etc closed. Capacitors C2 and C3 are the power supply decoupling ca- pacitors. This frequency can be trimmed to exactly 1 kHz with the help of trimmer capacitor VC1 as shown in the flop, will generate gates with 1-sec ‘on’ period and 1-sec ‘off period.

IC3 also drives the displays by switching correspond- ing transistors. Move switch SW2 to the ” ON ” position.


Therefore any long gap within a song may cause false triggering and the display will also be incremented. After the conversion is over, the 8-bit binary data for the specific voltage sample is available in the data bus of the ADC. Refer datashedt the “MVS User’s manual” for further details.

Due to the persis- tence of vision, the LED appears to be glowing continuously. When any button on the cassette vatasheet is pressed, the capacitor charges through diode D2.